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Destination Overview

What can we say about Slovenia to emphatically tell you it is a must do for every flyfisher? Should we tell you it may be the most beautiful place you have ever fished? Should we tell you the food is farm to table and delicious? Should we tell you the people are extremely kind, educated and hospitable?


Perhaps we should mention the opportunity to connect with a large marble trout, found only in the Adriatic drainage of Slovenia? Maybe that is all you need to hear, stories of large marble trout targeted in the clearest and most beautiful water you will ever see.

If that is not enough we can tell you about the plentiful large rainbow trout, the brown trout and trophy Adriatic grayling! Slovenia offers exceptional fly fishing with both dry flies and nymphs, whatever your passion is. We also love to pull streamers for large trout!


Slovenia is truly a country rich in history, culture, unparalleled beauty, great food, generous loving people and a certain charm that will have you planning your next trip before you even cast a line! For those of us who have been to Slovenia and fished it's emerald waters, we are consumed not only with thoughts of returning and hooking a trophy marble trout, but of spending more time in this vibrant European culture.


Kienes Fly Fishing Travel has hosted three separate trips to Slovenia. We have created relationships with the best hotels, lodges, guides and consider ourselves to be “the” experts in travel to Slovenia. Not only is this a fantastic fishing and cultural experience, it is also very affordable!


We hope you can feel our enthusiasm in this narrative, but there is more! Once you experience Branko Gasparin’s Vila Noblesa Lodge, you will wonder why you haven't already been! Branko and his wife Vlasta, are exceptional hosts. They provide great lodging, create exceptional meals, grow their own produce and fruit, have a private vineyard, make their own wines and cheeses!


Evenings are highlighted with exceptional five course meals along with many wines and brandies. Branko is also a world class and award winning fly tier, as well as an accomplished hunter and taxidermist.


Call us now to book this exciting trip. This is a trip you can do alone, with a fishing partner or with a group. At Wild On The Fly we plan on hosting a trip each year. With all our energy, we need to tell you this is a must do trip!


At a Glance

Location: The country of Slovenia is bordered by Austria on the north, Italy on the west, Croatia on the south and Hungary on the east. It is a short 45 minute flight from Munich Germany and about an hour and a half from Paris France. The capital city, Ljubljana, is located in the geographic center of the country and is considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

Target Fish: Marble trout, Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Adriatic grayling

Time of Year: April through November

Lodge Capacity: 16 anglers

Nearest Airport: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Venice Italy- 2 hour drive

Documents Required: Passport

Fishing Program

After your breakfast you will meet with your guide and decide on which river or stream to fish. The fishing is done by wading. Float fishing is not allowed in Slovenia. You will choose one of many rivers and leave the lodge about 8 AM. The lodge will pack a lunch for you or you may decide to have a hot pizza in a nearby village.


You will likely hit many different holes during the day and and return whenever you have had enough. Many anglers return at six p.m. and others stay until dark to fish the evening hatch. Either way the lodge will accommodate you with the same fabulous five course meal. We have returned from fishing at 10:30 p.m. And still received the immaculate and complete dinner service.


Different fishing areas are maintained buy different fishing clubs and require different licenses each day. For this reason we do not package fishing licenses into the trip. At the end of your week, you will settle up with the Lodge for your fishing licenses during the week.


License fees range from €55 to €100 daily for the trophy sections. Discuss all these options with your guide. The licenses are fairly expensive and this keeps traffic at a minimum on the rivers. Even with these high prices the trip is still very affordable due to the low cost of lodging, food and guides.


The Vila Noblesa Lodge has four bungalows that easily sleep four anglers each. The bungalows have three bathrooms, two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a flat screen television and a small living room with futons if you do not want to make a hike upstairs. The two bedrooms upstairs each have two twin beds and their own bathrooms.


The lodge sits a top a beautiful lush tree covered hill. The main lodge has dining rooms, a large breakfast room, outdoor covered dining, a wine cellar and a large fly tying and hunting den. For a real treat, have your host Branko Gasparin show you some of the flies he's tied. He's an award winning fly tier and has exceptional flies for sale.


The food is beyond description. Every meal is prepared with fresh ingredients, many of which are harvested that day. Fresh mushrooms, fresh cherries, delicious cheese and sausages, as well as wonderful cuts of beef, pork and even wild game! Wines from their vineyard are paired with each course and a variety of Brandys are served each night. Homemade bread, homemade jams and jellies and pastries are produced each day. Each evening meal is finished with a spectacular dessert.


Breakfast is set out on a large table family style with a variety of yogurt, cheese, sliced meat, oatmeal, homemade bread and jam. Feel free to order an egg cooked any style!


A sack lunch will be prepared each day or you may choose to stop at one of the many villages for a fresh hot lunch (not included in the price).

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Getting There

Typically anglers flying from the United States fly into Germany, Italy or France and then take a short regional jet flight, from 45 minutes to 2 hours into the capital city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


You'll want to spend at least one night in the capital city experiencing her charm and beauty. The downtown area around the castle is exceptional as you wander the pedestrian only streets along the Ljubljanica River.


We build these packages to order, but a typical week of seven nights lodging and six days guided fishing will cost about $3500.00 per angler. Often anglers traveling through Europe want a custom trip anywhere from 2 to 6 days of fishing and we can make that happen. Please let us build you a custom package. We are happy to discuss your itinerary and give you a price quote.

To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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