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Destination Overview

For the fly fisherman who simply must experience the ultimate in Steelhead fishing, the Skeena River system is arguably the most productive river for trophy Steelhead in the world.  Its tributary the Sustut River has the largest average Steelhead of any river in the North America! The Sustut originates in Sustut and Johansen Lakes in the Omineca Mountains with the Pacific Ocean about 275 miles downstream from the junction of the Skeena and Sustut rivers.   Because it is located more than 100 miles from civilization and is accessible only by plane, the Sustut is the least fished of all the famous Skeena tributaries. 


The Sustut is truly a jewel that is for the most part largely unknown except among a core group of fanatics that fish the river on an annual basis hoping to crack the majic 30 pound mark for Steelhead.  Other than the Sustut there are few rivers where that is even possible.  We at Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel  feel that the Sustut is the finest of the large race Steelhead waters, plus there are no crowds and is usually the last river to blow out.  To add to your enjoyment, you will most likely see Eagles, Bears, Moose, Fox and possibly Wolves, during your week at the lodge.  Most of all, the scenery is unrivaled in North America.


At a Glance

Target Fish: Steelhead, Salmon, Dolly Varden &  Rainbow Trout

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Seasons: Late August through late October

Lodge Capacity: 9

Nearest Airport: Smithers BC (commercial airport).  From Smithers you will hop a shuttle to the lodge. 

Documents needed: Passport  

Fishing Program

The Skeena River system in northern British Columbia has long been known as the "Valhalla" for anglers from all over the world who wish to test their skill against the mightiest of steelhead trout. The Skeena  river is the largest producer of trophy-sized steelhead in the world, with the annual run ranging from 25,000 to 40,000 fish. 


The Province of British Columbia has officially recognized the Steelhead as a trophy fish and encourages that the fish be caught with barbless hooks and returned to the river.  Guests at Steelhead Valhalla fish the lower 20 miles of the river.  The upper 80 miles are utilized exclusively for Salmon and Steelhead spawning and rearing. 


During your week at the lodge you will fish with different guides.  They will be happy to help you in any way they can so if you have any questions about fishing technique please do not hesitate to ask.  The lodge’s guides have fished around the world and have an immense knowledge about fly fishing, so whether you are a beginner or experienced they can demonstrate or provide information about any facet of fly fishing. 


There is one guide assigned to three anglers.

Guests fish from either drift boats, rafts or from shore depending on the river flow at the time of their stay.  Beats are determined by lottery at the beginning of the week.  The lottery assures that all the guests are treated equally. 


Sustut Steelhead average 15 lbs with many running 20 lbs or larger.  The females generally run from 8-20 lbs while the males range from 14 to over 30 lbs. Rainbows from 1-3 lbs and Dolly Varden that average about 2 lbs are also available. 

On a normal day guests depart right after breakfast for their day on the river.  Hot or cold shore lunches are prepared by the guide.  The boats are on the river for the day and return to the lodge from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM.


Best Fly Fishing Seasons

The prime fly fishing season for Steelhead is from late August through late October.  There is no certain week or time during this period that the lodge can predict that the fishing will be best, as water levels and weather play a part.


Steelhead Valhalla Lodge is located on the Sustut River roughly 100 miles north of Smithers, BC.  Since the lodge is not accessible by road, it is reached by a Cesna Caravan that will pick you up in Smithers and bring you to the private airstrip near the lodge.  The flight takes about 50 minutes, and when you arrive you will be met by the Steelhead Valhalla Lodge staff who will transport you by vehicle to the lodge. 



Wi-Fi/internet access


Fly tying table

Number of guests: 9

Satellite TV and VCR

Gourmet Food


Once at the lodge the clients will stay two to a cabin. The five cabins are well furnished with a sitting area, bathroom and a stove.  The Main lodge building is a charming custom built log structure with plenty of room to relax, enjoy a great meal or just kick back in front of the fireplace. 


There is a wash house with four showers at the main building.  A couple of cabins have showers  and all cabins have electric lights and wood heating.  All meals are prepared by the lodge chef and are a blend of home cooking with homemade breads, desserts, fresh meat, fish and vegetables.  Wine is served with all dinners. Beer and liquor can be purchased and are available upon special order prior to your arrival.


Limited wi-fi is available but is not adequate for uploading large files such as photos.  There is no phone communication available for guests so if you feel you will need to have constant communication with the outside please bring a satellite phone.     

Getting There

The lodge is best reached by domestic airline (generally from Vancouver BC) to Smithers BC.  Air Canada usually has two flights a day.  When you arrive a representative of the Prestige Hudson Bay Hotel will meet you and transport you to the hotel.  At 9:30 AM the following morning all guests en-route to the lodge will meet in the lobby with luggage.  If the weather is clear and all systems a go for the air charter, the shuttle will take you to the airport where you will board your plane and taken to Sustut, and the Steelhead Valhalla Lodge.   



Rates are based on double occupancy.

Included: round-trip charter flight, daily guided fishing, accommodations, meals, boat transportation, Canadian Goods & Service Tax, one experienced guide for every three anglers, daily jet-boat transportation on the river and fishing rights from the time of your arrival until you depart. The lodge can accommodate 9 anglers maximum. 


Not Included: hotel in Smithers, fishing licenses, alcohol, beer, gratuities or additional helicopter or air charters for whatever reason.


6 days of guided fishing package: $6,700. per person

Taxes are not included.

To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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