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Destination Overview

We are proud to represent the only exclusive fly-fishing lodge on the lower Skeena watershed, Spey Lodge. Spey Lodge offers all-inclusive guided fly-fishing packages for a maximum of six rods per week, two rods per guide. Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel clients have loved this experience and have netted some big steelhead and salmon!


A sister lodge to Spey Lodge is the Boundary Lodge! Boundary Lodge was designed and constructed as a remote, exclusive steelhead “out-lodge” that  caters to only four rods per week from September through November. Boundary Lodge is built on the banks of the Bell-Irving River.


Spey Lodge is unique in many ways; for one all guests receive continuous on the water spey casting instruction (if desired) every day of their trip. Due to the location of the lodge, incredible wild runs of salmon, steelhead and trout exist from early spring to late fall (prime time is all season!).


The waters found around Spey Lodge are a virtual playground for the fly fisher. The coastal mountain valleys provide an unlimited availability of fly friendly water. The Skeena River and its tributaries; with help from the North Pacific Ocean bring back year round runs of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout to these rivers. Combined, these runs of wild fish are the largest on Earth.


Spey Lodge is strategically situated on the Banks of the Skeena River, just east of the Skeena/Copper river confluence. Boundary Lodge is on the Nass watershed, 190 miles northeast of Spey lodge. Both lodges offer unique fly fishing opportunities, with exceptional guides, exquisite meals and very friendly atmospheres. The season at Spey Lodge begins in mid-March with the arrival of spring steelhead.


Depending on your wishes and the timing of your trip, we will suggest the best lodge for you.


The rivers around Spey Lodge, namely the Skeena and her many tributaries, offer an unlimited amount of fly friendly water. Nowhere in the world will you find easily accessed un-fished fly-water that holds all five species of Salmon, trout and Char and of course the largest Steelhead on the Planet!" If this isn't enough - the fine cuisine, hot shore lunches, and comfortable quiet lodge usually completes the trip for all guest. Certainly a Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel favorite.


At a Glance

Location: Skeena Region, British Columbia

Target Fish: Steelhead, Salmon, Trout

Time of Year: Mid-March to December 1- Spey Lodge

September 1 thru November 1- Boundary Lodge

Lodge Capacity: 6 anglers per week at Spey Lodge

4 anglers at Boundary Lodge

Nearest Airport: Terrace, British Columbia

Documents Required: Valid Passport, British Columbia freshwater fishing license 

(we recommend you purchase online prior to trip). No visa required for citizens of most countries

Fishing Program

Spey Lodge and Boundary Lodge entertain guests from March to December. The best time to come to Spey Lodge is relative to the angler's goals. Let us help define what time is best for you.


MARCH 15 - JUNE 01

During this time period you will fish many different coastal streams as well as the Copper, Kalum, Kitimat and main stem of the Skeena River. The Steelhead and Trout fishing is great from the beginning, and by early May the Spring Salmon (Kings) are in many of the larger rivers. Spring Steelhead and Trout can be found in literally hundreds of small rivers and streams all along coastal British Columbia. These streams generally have less than twenty miles of flow from source to sea. It is very common for Spey Lodge guests to find themselves exploring two or three of these remarkable little fisheries on the same day, via jet boat or whitewater raft.


The Lower Skeena River can be an amazing place to be in early spring. April seems to be the month that when timed right can produce some of the most amazing fishing. This area of the Skeena was named as one of the top 5 areas in BC for incredible scenery.



With an incredible amount of water to fish in June and July, the toughest part of fishing out of Spey Lodge is deciding exactly where to go! During the summer season the primary target species is the King Salmon, averaging 22 pounds with fish exceeding 40! The days are long and eventful, and quite often you will fish a split day; morning and evening. Hopping in the jet boat behind the Lodge and running the Skeena in search of runs of fish is an incredible way to spend the day.


The Skeena is a highway for all the species of Salmon and Steelhead running fresh from the sea to reach their native waters and is the river that all the steelhead must travel to reach the upper tributaries that many books and articles have been written (Morice, Kispiox, Bulkley, Sustut & Babine to name a few!). Every one of those fish passes right by the back door of Spey Lodge. This river can be unpredictable but sometimes the most rewarding fishery in the world. It is home to the largest Steelhead and Salmon in the world with incredibly strong stocks of wild fish.


The Copper is primarily a King Salmon fishery in early summer, with the possibility of seeing the beginning of the amazing Steelhead run typically showing in August. The King fishery is astounding on the fly. You will often hook these fish on floating lines with large weighted flies or light sink tips. The Kings in the Copper are all Chrome in summer.


The Kasiks is a tributary of the Skeena and is only accessed by jet boat or helicopter. As a bonus, the trout fishing can be great in summer months on the Kasiks, large Dolly Varden and Sea-Run Cutthroat can be taken on streamers swung into beautiful clear runs.



Late July is the beginning of the summer run Steelhead season! Simply put, there is no greater place to be in the world if your interest is to raise giant migratory trout to dry flies and skating bugs! Spey Lodge guests enjoy guided trips to the most limited guided steelhead fishing on the Skeena watershed, chrome Steelhead that show up as early as the first week of July. These along with chrome bright kings & early Coho Salmon make August hard to beat in the Skeena area.


Fishing the Skeena can seem a little overwhelming for some people due to the immense size of the water... until they start hooking up. You will generally fish some of the braided sections of the Skeena in addition to some of the largest runs you'll ever encounter. Access is by jet boats, which allows your guide to show you new water all the time. Envision hooking one of the legendary giant Steelhead that is headed to the Kispiox or Babine Rivers in the main stem of the Skeena, but at this point the fish is still chrome and in giant water. Many that have been hooked have never been seen! Perhaps you will be the angler that can turn one of these brutes before he gets back to the Pacific!


The Copper River has been rated in the top 6 Steelhead rivers in the world; this is for good reason! Unlike the other famous tributaries of the Skeena, the Copper produces incredible Steelhead fishing starting late July and following through until late November. Because the Copper is close to the mouth of the Skeena, these fish are chrome bright and very aggressive. Some anglers call these fish "crazy" due to their madness for dry flies; often rising to flies 6-10 casts in a row. The Copper River is the most limited guided fishery on the Skeena having only 5 allocated guides on it with minimal rod day use. The Copper is minutes from the Lodge and offers more than 30 miles of river to float. Generally, your day is spent floating 5 or 6 miles of water, stopping at irresistible pools and runs holding wild fish reaching 30 lbs.



Nestled amongst the white peaked mountains of Northern British Columbia, Canada lays a small lodge known as Boundary. Beside this lodge flows an untamed wilderness river teaming with Wild Steelhead. Boundary Lodge is a remote exclusive Steelhead Lodge catering to a maximum of six rods per week from September through November. The location of the lodge offers the angler unparalleled access to the entire length of the Bell-Irving River. Boundary's four home pools are, without a doubt; some of the finest Steelhead water that British Columbia has to offer. With jet boat access, only the knowledgeable guides of Spey Lodge will put you on some of the greatest water for Steelhead in the fall months.


As an added incentive, few anglers ever get to experience fishing the Nass River; it is rugged, deceiving, often glacial and simply hard to understand. But, Spey Lodge has an outpost camp in the heart of some of the best fishing on the Nass watershed and offers the same all-inclusive packages for it in September & October.



The last of the many options Spey Lodge offers for excellent Steelhead throughout the year is the limited entry November Steelhead time slots on the Copper River. Steelhead enter the Copper River from mid-July all the way through January. In November the river provides an excellent opportunity for the fly angler with great numbers of fish willing to take your fly!


By November the leaves have fallen, the mountaintops are whitening, and many Steelhead are stacked and holding in the pools of the upper Copper River. Although the mornings can be cool, and the days are getting shorter; the hookups per angler ratio is at a yearly high. You will catch a mixed bag of bright fish and Steelhead looking like giant red-striped rainbows. Floating lines and wet flies are all that is required while rafting two to four miles of fly-friendly water each day.


The accommodations at Spey Lodge are very comfortable and spacious, with only six guided anglers a week. All guests enjoy private single occupancy rooms with their own private bathrooms. All rooms have recently been upgraded with new beds.

The food at Spey Lodge is delicious and hearty. The meals are prepared fresh each day using the best ingredients. You will never go away hungry!


Boundary Lodge provides similar accommodation, but like most ultra-remote locations, the lodge is smaller and accommodations are more modest. Boundary provides a mixture of private and double occupancy rooms, depending on your requirements.

Getting There

Your final flight destination is Terrace, British Columbia (YXT), which can be accessed via a number of daily commercial flights from Vancouver, B.C. Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel will assist with these arrangements by putting you in contact with a reliable and professional travel agent in Terrace, B.C.


Arrival and Departure Details / Times

Upon arrival you will be met at the Terrace Airport and transferred to Spey Lodge, about 15 minutes. The shuttle to Boundary Lodge from Spey Lodge is a little over three hours.


Documents Required
A passport is required for U.S. citizens. Anglers are also required to purchase a British Columbia freshwater fishing license. We recommend an online purchase prior to arrival at the lodge. Depending on the fishery, you may have to purchase an additional classified waters permit and that can be done while at the lodge.



7 Nights/ 6 Fishing Days - $4029. per person

6 Nights/ 5 Fishing Days - $3409. per person


Included: Accommodations, meals and non-alcoholic beverages at the lodge, guided fishing and expert Spey casting instruction, transfers to and from Spey or Boundary Lodge and Terrace, B.C. and all flies, tackle and equipment. Rates are based on double occupancy.


Not Included: Airfare from original destination to Terrace, B.C., alcoholic beverages, 2.5% Canadian sales tax and gratuities for staff and guides.


Prices effective March 2016 through November 2016

To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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