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Destination Overview

River House River House Lodge is located on the Chimehuin River in the argentine Patagonia. The mythical Chimehuin is one of the most famous rivers in the world for fly fishing. Wading or floating “el Chime” is always an unforgettable experience due to the quality of its trout, its landscapes and its surprises.

Raidho, was born as a natural expression of the crossing of our paths and our deepest desires. Raidho is the rune of travel, of displacement, of the changes that come when we start a new journey.

Every trip promotes an evolution that implies an inner change, a mental openness, a filling of the soul. That is what we have come to offer you today: to travel to different places that will fill you with energy, peace, sensations, air and nature. 

RIVER HOUSE LODGE is much more than a fishing lodge, it is a “5-star experience” in a natural, warm, energetic and unique environment.

Although we joined forces as Raidho in 2021, more than 30 years of experience in the field are a pledge of trust, excellence and quality. 


At a Glance

Target Fish: Brown and Rainbow trout

Location: North West Patagonia Argentina

Seasons: November through April

Lodge Capacity: 10

Nearest Airport: San Martín de los Andes.

Electricity: 220 volts

Documents Needed: Passport (no visa needed for travelers from USA and most western European countries.  Also you will have to provide a receipt for payment of the reciprocity fee. For more information click here

Fishing Program

This is THE PLACE to fly fish, known worldwide for the flow of trout and its biodiversity.

You can fish in different rivers and lakes in the area.


The most important rivers are the Chimehuin, the Malleo, the Collon Curá and the Limay. The lakes Lolog, Lácar, Huechulafquen and Tromen are some of the most beautiful lakes in the area.


All of the above are very close to our property. It is possible to put together a customized schedule according to the days that the guests have available, the type of fishing they would prefer and the time of year they visit us.

The season begins in November, after a long rest in which the trout have spawned .The thaw generates a great volume of water in the rivers and lakes and the trout swim through them, eager to feed. It is the ideal time to use streamers, large dry flies as attractors and nymphs.

January and February are the hottest months of the year (cooling off every so often in our crystal clear waters is an excellent option). It's a great time to use dry flies of any size and shape, such as terrestrials or flies to match the hatches.


The big trout are attracted by large streamers but some will rise as well to our famous yellow mayfly hatch. Rest assured you will enjoy a special show while you put your fly fishing skills to the test.


In the last part of our season, late March to end of May ,the migratory browns start finding their spawning spots.


Rod: 5 and 6 weight 9 foot fast action.

Reel: Reels with good drag with a minimum of 100 yards of backing of 20 lb.

Lines: floating lines and a spool with sinking lines of up to 200 grains. If you have it, also bring a spare rod. 

Leader: 9 foot from 1X to 5X.

Tippet: from 1X to 5X.


We recommend a typical Western trout fly selection for local rivers: hoppers, Chernobyl ants, stimulators, humpies and Wulffs in # 8-12; bead-head nymphs in # 14-20, tan and olive caddis patterns in # 12 - 16; mayfly parachutes, emergers, and cripples in # 14-20; and a selection of streamers (conehead buggers, matukas, muddler minnows, and bunny leeches).

We also have some local favorites, including green inchworms and pancora crab patterns available for purchase. We have a fly-tying bench for your use and we have all the flies you might need at our shop at the lodge.


The lodge has five spacious en-suite rooms with excellent amenities and views. This place allows us to host up to 10 people at the same time, which is an ideal number to be able to maintain a warm and intimate atmosphere that favours quality care. We pay special attention to details because we love what we do and we want customers to feel happy, cared for an feel at home.

Our chef will make sure that your meals will be also a big part of your unforgettable experience. We offer a varied menu with international and regional Argentine dishes, and a specially selected wine list to pair with each meal. After visiting our lodge, you will understand why our Malbec is so well known throughout the world.

The lodge house has many different spots for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest. From our outside firepit, pergola, river deck to all our beautiful indoor spaces, you will always feel at home with all the creature comforts of this world.

Whether it is sunrise, sunset or watching the amazing star filled sky you will always find a special corner to enjoy them.

Trekking, horseback riding, bathing in the river, biking, rafting, shopping in town and bird watching, among other activities, can be all be arranged for you.

On Site Amenities and Activities Include

Satellite TV

Wi-Fi/internet access


Fly Shop


Gourmet Food

Hiking, nature watching, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Skiing

Getting There

You fly to Buenos Aires, to Ezeiza International Airport. From Ezeiza or from the city's local airport Jorge Newbery Airport, take a 2-hour flight to San Martín de los Andes.

We pick will pick you up and arrive at the River House in 15 minutes. You can also fly to Bariloche where, by hiring a Transfer service, you will arrive at the lodge in approximately 3 hours.

Usually our clients spend the day in Buenos Aires where we can, through our concierge, offer you different hotels and outings in the city and in the outskirts. The next day you can take your flight to Patagonia.

Many of our clients take the opportunity to tour our extraordinary country.

Required Documents



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