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The fact that virtually every flats fishing angler in North America has heard of Christmas Island is far from coincidence.

Amidst the vast inventory of the world’s saltwater flats destinations, Christmas Island is a unique and natural masterpiece that magically combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success.

Endless hard sand flats fishing, remarkable numbers of cruising bonefish and trevally, and consistent year-round weather await all who visit this unique atoll.

Fly fishing guides at Christmas Island Outfitters have been handpicked by head guide Bita Kairoi for their overall level of experience, skill, calmness under pressure, and instructional abilities.

Whether you are an experienced saltwater angler or a novice keen on honing your flats fishing skills, Christmas Island Outfitters at Sunset Horizon Lodge offers an intimate and thrilling angling experience unlike anything else in the world.


Total cost of this trip is $2,570. $1285.00 deposit required to start booking process.

Limited to 12 anglers. 

Sunset Horizon Lodge-Deposit

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