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Cost of the trip is $3950 pp double occupancy. 50% deposit required.


Argentina is located in the Southern part of South America and its’ borders Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia & Chile. It has a perimeter of 29,038 Km.

The coast, on the Atlantic Ocean, is 5,117 Km long. Its size is 3.7 million km2 and it is 3.820 km long. It has a population of almost 36 million most with almost half living in Buenos Aires.

Almost 90 % of the Argentines are Caucasian, descendants from Italian, Spanish, and other European nationalities. The original Indian population is less than 10 % (Mapuche, Araucanos, Tobas and Matacos tribes) Argentine’s official religion is Catholic but there is a huge Jewish population as well as others.

Argentina’s government is democratic and our President is Mrs. Cristina Kirschner. The official Language is Spanish with a very distinctive accent compared to other Latin American countries.

A unique fishing trip in untamed clear waters featuring gourmet food, personalized service by family owners, in a cozy and welcoming lodge with rustic-elegant interiors.

Come face to face with the Tiger of the River, surrounded by Golden waves as you set the hook, a Golden Dorado with a scowl on his face angry as hell, will suddenly jump three feet in the air showing his teeth before diving back into the river, busting your reel with his aggression.

Take the challenge. What are you waiting for?

Golden Lodge

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