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The cost of this trip is $1845. A 25% deposit is  required to start the booking process


The section of the Green River downstream from the Flaming Gorge Dam is legendary in fly fishing circles and is one of those bucket list destinations that doesn’t require flying halfway around the world to experience. 


Imagine floating on a river of crystal clear water as you observe thousands of trout skittering out of the way as the raft passes over their holding lies. A look up at the canyon walls will make it obvious why this is called Flaming Gorge, as the reds and gold hues reflecting off of the walls is absolutely astonishing. 


The resort offers the best accommodations in the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.  It is located in the heart of Ashley National Forest and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and wildlife.   

The resort, located on the bluff above the gorge, is all inclusive in that the resort offers activities for both fishermen and for non fishing families.  Fly fishing is the activity that the resort is most famous for, but many of its guests are non fishing couples and families that enjoy the hiking, rafting, kayaking, and nature observation in the area.  Several golf courses are close by too. 

Flaming Gorge Resort

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