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Cayo Cruz demonstrates all the characteristics of a recently discovered, virgin fishing territory. The flats are an inviting combination of hard packed white sand and a semi-firm mottled bottom that still provides good wading. You can wade for 4 straight hours without heading back to the boat. Our staff has never seen such large white flats, filled with big rays that permit love to follow.


The flats at Cayo Cruz are a little deeper than those found in other areas of Cuba, which means that the bonefish and permit are still found in excellent numbers throughout the year.


The average sized bonefish is a healthy 4 pounds! During the course of the week it is not unheard of for guests to land a fish in the 10 pound range. Tailing bonefish are common and guests can expect to see bonefish in singles and doubles, all the way up to schools of several hundred fish.


What really sets this location apart from so many other fisheries is that you can expect to encounter and get shots at good numbers of permit each day and see big bones! This consistency that is virtually guaranteed at Cayo Cruz. It is a rare day when you don’t encounter and get shots at permit. The permit will range in size between about 8 and 30 pounds.


Please contact your Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel, Travel Advisor before placing a deposit. Your Travel Advisor will secure your requested dates. Once the dates for your trip are confirmed, please proceed with deposit. $1000.00 deposit required to start booking process.

Cayo Cruz