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Join Mike Powers on this great Salmon adventure.


The beautiful Magaree Valley is gorgeous enough to grace a Canadian stamp – and it actually it does.  The valley is home to lively Canadian activities.  It is known for blends of Scots, Irish, French-Acadian and English heritage. Stay in the historic Normaway Inn, a very classy Inn with incredible food and services.


The local area will thrill those seeking cultural experiences.  Music, beaches, shopping, quilting, weaving, rughooking, world renowned fishing harbor and exceptional pubs(fresh lobster/crab/scallops) will blow you away. 


However, it is the Margaree River that sets the tone for your visit.  Its pristine waters are a sight to behold….and fly fish.  What a spectacular setting.  You will want to have a car available to tour the area. 

Fly anglers come from all over the world to fish these legendary waters.


$2,495 pp dbl occ - 50 % deposit to start the booking process

Cape Breton - Nova Scotia - Deposit

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