Imagine watching the surface of the water explode as a behemoth iridescent Peacock Bass smashes your fly in the crystal clear water of the Agua Boa River in one of the Amazon’s last uninhabited rainforests and most desolate regions of the rainforest.  Now imagine reliving that experience over and over during your week stay at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. 


The lodge is located in a remote area about 200 miles north east of the Brazillian city of Manaus that sits in the jungle rainforest of northern Brazil.  Along its 150 mile length the river descends from the mountains and snakes through the grassland and jungle to eventually become part of the Amazon River drainage. The lodge provides fishermen with a level of comfort, friendly service and sense of privacy that will make anyone feel at home.


Cost of the trip is $4550 pp dbl. occ. 50% deposit required.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Hosted Trip