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Trip is $5250, 25% deposit is required to start the booking process.


The beautiful "Blackwater Explorer" is among the most attractive yachts sailing the Amazon basin. Her classic and graceful "Amazonian Regional" design blends perfectly with the pristine blackwater habitat she calls home. But more importantly, she’s been built to fish. Her broad beam maximizes her functional interior space while keeping her total length manageably short.


This gives the vessel great maneuverability, letting her safely and easily penetrate into smaller tributaries, inaccessible to other mothership operations. The yacht’s impressively low draft (she displaces only 1.2 meters of water) allows her to readily pass shallow sandbars and obstructions that would keep less efficiently designed boats back in port.

The Blackwater Explorer was designed for fishermen. Her well-organized debarkation deck lets a full group of anglers get started on their fishing day quickly, without crowding, fuss or confusion. The debarkation deck’s waterline exit lets you walk right onto your fishing boat with no ladders to climb. All of your fishing gear and take-along items can remain right at hand and ready to go when you are. We’ve done our best to think it through and we believe we’ve come up with the best purpose-built fishing vessel in the Amazon Basin.

Black Water Explorer

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