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Destination Overview

The most diverse array of saltwater fish species in the world are found in the waters off of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.  Fishermen come to the area for the glamorous tropical trophy’s such as Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Snook,  but are surprised that the area holds bountiful numbers of Amberjack, Snapper Barracuda and sharks to name a few, all of which are available during their stay. 


Pesca Maya Fishing Lodge opened in 1996 and has become one of Yucatan’s most popular destinations.  The reason for its amazing fishing and consequent popularity is that it is located right in the middle of the Sien Ka’an Biosphere Reserve that is a protected zone and nursery for the fish that the lodge is famous for. 


To the east of the lodge lies the Caribbean and a few hundred yards off shore isthe Palancar Barrier Reef which stretches from southern Belize to north of Cancun.  On the western side slies the vast”El Rio” system of flats, channels and mangroves.  10 miles to the north is the famed inlet through the barrier beach known locally as the “Boca”.  4 miles to the south lies the legendary Ascension Bay.  The area around the lodge boasts some of the Caribbean’s greatest flats fishing. 


Kienes Fly Fishing Travel recommends Pesca Maya Fishing Lodge because it offers world class fishing in a location that is easy to get to.   Cancun, which is where you will be met by a Pesca Maya representative and transferred to the lodge, receives regular flights from major airports in the US and around the world.  


Pesca Maya  is also relatively inexpensive compared to similar lodges in other parts of the world, yet offers the same great service and arguably a higher quality of fishing.  The abundance of fish makes Pesca Maya a great destination fly fisherman of all skill levels and many of the lodges novice guests have taken their first Bonefish on a fly, while wading the flats near the lodge.  If you are lucky you might even score on a “grand slam”.


At a Glance

Target Fish: Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Barracuda

Location: Punta Allen, Mexico

Seasons: All year

Lodge Capacity: 22

Nearest Airport: Cancun, MX

Electricity: 110 volts

Documents needed: Passport

Fishing Program

A short fifteen minute trek north or south of the lodge will get you into some fantastic fishing.  To the south is Ascencion Bay where there are hundreds of square miles of crystal clear flats where you can have the opportunity, if mother nature cooperates, to fish for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon Snook, Jacks and Barracuda.  If you are lucky and skillful you might even have a chance at a “grand slam” by catching Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Snook, all in the same day. 


Fish are in two to three feet of water over a sand bottom in which you will either wade or cast from a boat.  If the wind comes up and casting is too difficult your guide might take you north to Boca Paila and fish flats surrounded by mangroves that will provide shelter from the wind.

All of the guides are professional local guides with years of experience. They know ascension Bay and Bocapaila Lagoons like the back of their hand and will put you on to fish, no matter the time of year or what the current weather conditions are. 


Unique to Pesca Maya is that two guides are assigned to a boat.  One is an experienced head guide and the other an apprentice.  Having two sets of eyes means more fish spotted and more fish to the boat.  The program does not apply to the summer program or to discounted packages.  


Fishing Seasons

Fall (October-December): Some of the best weather of the year with nice breezes and less wind.  That being said, it is still hurricane season in the Caribbean so occasionally the lodge must close for a period of time.  During this time there are lots of Bones, some baby Tarpon plus some of the large migratory Tarpon that arrived in June and stay around until December.


Winter (January and February): These are the drier months with warm days.  Days can become windy occasionally when cold fronts pass through.  Still plenty of fish to be caught.


Spring (March-June):  This is the busiest season with some of the best weather, and less wind.  Populations of Permit increase during this time of the year.


Summer (July-September): The least wind but always a chance for some rain. This is the time to catch that that trophy size migrant Tarpon.  There are fewer fishermen on the water during this period. 

P-Poor, G-Good, VG-Very Good, E-Excellent

The lodge complex is situated on a white sand beach with a coral reef that lies just off shore, the lodge complex.  The main building known as the Palapa is the center of operations of the lodge where you will have your meals, hang out with other guests and sip on margaritas or other cocktails while you discuss the days adventures or misadventures.  A fly tying area is available as is a tackle shop. 


The lodge accommodates 22 fishermen.  All of the rooms are decorated in a comfortable modern Caribbean style, air conditioned and have private bathrooms with hot and cold running water.  Porches and windows are screened to allow the cool ocean breezes to circulate through the room. 


On Site Amenities and Activities Include:

Satellite TV

Wi-Fi/internet access


Fly Shop/equipment rental


Gourmet Food

Non fly fishing activities: sun bathing, snorkeling, tour of maya ruins, and wild Dolfin encounter.


Meals are home style.  Breakfasts include several varieties of fruit, eggs cooked to your specifications or pancakes.  Box lunches are provided for consumption on the boat or if you elect to stay at the lodge, the chef will provide a Mexican style lunch.  Dinners menus alternate between steaks, chicken, fish, shellfish accompanied by soups, salads and vegetables. 


The lodge provides sodas, beer and wine in addition to local style rum or tequila based cocktails such as margaritas.  If you prefer imported spirits, there is no extra charge if you bring your own. 

Getting There

The major air hub for Pesca Maya is Cancun which can be reached from many major airports in the US and around the world.  Upon arrival you will be met by a lodge representative and driven for about two hours to where you will board a boat that will take you for about an hour’s cruise to the lodge. 



Rates are based on double occupancy.


7 nights/6 days fishing: $3,848. per person

6 nights/5 days fishing: $3,305. per person

5 nights/4 days fishing: $2,762. per person

4 nights/3 days fishing: $2,219. per person

3 nights/2 days fishing: $1,676. per person


Call about single occupancy or adding an extra person.


Inclusions: Transportation as specified in each package, meals, beverages, beer, wine (on the table) liquor and cocktails, air conditioned accommodations, private boat and guide.

Exclusions: Airfare, laundry, phone calls, fishing tackle, gratuities, fishing license.

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