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Peacock Bass are not a member of the bass family, though their appearance would suggest otherwise.  Actually they are a member of the cichlid family and can grow to a length of almost 40 inches.  The term Peacock is derived from the fact that a spot on their tails resembles the eye of a Peacock feather. 
That being said, Peacock Bass are attracted by the same flies and lures that Largemouth Bass are attracted too, with the exception that they don’t seem to pay much attention to plastic worms.  They have a ravenous appetite and attack streamers with an astonishing ferocity.
 The natural range of the peacock bass is the Amazon, Orinoco and Rio Negro basins, a latitudinal range of about 28 degrees or over 1800 miles. They are adaptable and in fact, have been introduced into many waters around the world.
Countries with recreational populations of Peacock Bass are Venezuala, Brazil and Columbia. Populations are also found in Southern Florida, and Puerto Rico in the US. 
Lodges where you can find them: Agua Boa Amazon Lodge.
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