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Destination Overview

At Kiene's Fly Shop we are all about serious fishing, and whether or not a lodge has a waterslide, wale shaped swimming pool and little golf carts to take us around to our rooms is secondary to our personal mission when traveling, which is to catch fish . . . lots of fish.  Mars Bay Lodge prides itself on being a "fishing lodge" and not a resort.  What you do get is great food, stay in modern air conditioned rooms,  and a chance at lots of fish.  Oh! . . .  also drinks are on the house.


Mars Bay is situated on the southeastern tip of Andros that affords anglers a short and easy skiff ride to pristine flats teeming with unpressured Bonefish.  It's located about ten miles closer to the most pristine fishing grounds than any other Andros Island lodge.


Perhaps the best way to introduce you to the lodge is to let the lodge's manager Bill Howard tell you about it.  "I’ve been called several things, lately it’s been Captain Bastard, but most people call me Bill. I tend to the details. I’m an American owner/operator and have been managing the lodge since it opened in 2002.  I’d like to be clear about what Mars Bay is and what it ain’t…….this ain’t resort, it is a fishing lodge. All slots are reserved for fishing guests. I don’t entertain complaints about the internet being down, the pillows being too hard, not enough closet space, or dogs fornicating on the beach. Yeah….it happened. I politely said, "you didn’t have to watch”. On arrival odds are good one of my dogs will stick his nose up your ass. He’s glad to see you."  


"There is absolutely nothing pretentious about the lodge. We use paper napkins, we won’t crack your pepper for you. You’ll not find a mint on your pillow or a fresh flower on your nightstand. You can grab your own beer and mix your own drink the way you like it. And we won’t insult you by charging you for every beer, soda, or glass of booze you drink like some very expensive lodges do. It’s included in the rate. Think of it as the difference between a stuffy dinner party or a casual gathering with good friends."

For the fishermen who can appreciate spending a week at a laid back lodge enjoying great service, great food, entertaining staff and arguably the best fishing for Bones on Andros Island, Mars Bay is for you.  

At a Glance

Target Fish: Bonefish

Location: South Andros Island, Bahamas

Seasons: October - June 

Lodge Capacity: 10

Nearest Airport: Congo Town

Electricity: 120

Documents needed:  Passport (no visa required). Must provide proof of covid vacination

Fishing Program

Three of the lodges guides have no less than eight years experience and one with four. Our current guide staff is Pap, Dingy, Bruce, and Locksley. All our guides are licensed boat captains and bone fishing guides who were born, raised, and live in Mars Bay. They grew up here fishing these waters. They understand the fish and they know the fishery. They are as comfortable in a boat as they are on land and they’ll put you on fish.


All boats are equipped with push poles,  platforms,  and leaning bars. Some fishermen like to wade some like to pole. Both are dependent on the tides and the fishermen. We've had 75 year old men who insist on wading and 40 year old's who won't get out of the boat. If it's a flood tide you might pole the mangrove edges. Or you might walk way up into a creek on that same tide.  If the tide is down you might pole a deeper edge or wade a flat that stretches for miles. Andros is generally a wade fishery. Some of the best fishing areas you can't get a boat into. If you insist on being poled you're handcuffing your guide. We'll do our best to accommodate you but expect to do a little of both.

Best Fly Fishing Seasons

March, April & May.  The largest fish are generally caught in October. 


The lodge has a laid back vibe to but don’t let that mislead you. Everything goes off on time as scheduled. One review said the lodge runs like a Swiss watch. The reviews are always the same; great food, great house staff, clean rooms, excellent guides, well maintained boats, great fishing, we’ll be back.

We are a small lodge with capacity for ten fishermen. We take bookings for singles, doubles, sets, and groups to fill the lodge. Because we are a small lodge it sets up great for groups of ten wanting to reserve the entire lodge.

The accommodations are comprised of a waterfront situated main building that consists of 3 bedrooms (dbl oc) Within the building are 2 bathrooms and a living room with TV.  It also has a dining room and kitchen.  Additionally there is a guest house on the premises that includes 2 bedrooms (dbl oc) which include private bathrooms, living room and TV.  All rooms in the lodge are air conditioned.  



Hot and cold water

Air Conditioning

English speaking guides

Full hosted bar

Getting There

The lodge requires an AFTERNOON ARRIVAL flight and a MORNING DEPARTURE flight.

Do not route through Nassau. Currently Makers Air and Staniel Air are your only flight options to/from Congo Town aside from private charters. They will both fly you direct to and from Ft Lauderdale FL to Congo Town.
They are dependable and reliable.  


IF THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH SEATS BOTH AIRLINES WILL ADD A FLIGHT IF YOU CALL THEM. IF ONE WON’T CALL THE OTHER.  If one does not have an afternoon arrival and morning departure flight to/from Congo Town (COX) call the other.



Package rates include transportation to and from Congo Town (TZN), room tax, VAT tax, accommodations, wireless internet, meals,  boat and guide. Also included is free wine, beer, and alcohol EXCEPT in the boat. The house will buy two beers per person to take in the boat. Additional beers for the boat are $5 each.  All rates are based on double occupancy in room and boat. 

4 Nights/3 days fishing: $3,850.

5 Nights/4 days fishing: $4,750.

6 Nights/5 days fishing: $5,400.

7 Nights/6 days fishing: $5,900.  

We recommend a tip of $125. per boat and also leaving something for the hospitality staff at the end of your stay.



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