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Destination Overview

At Larsen Bay Lodge the adventure still remains! Here you can still experience the raw beauty and bountiful wildlife of Alaska - without the crowds.


At Larsen Bay Lodge you do not have to limit yourself to just freshwater fishing, or just saltwater fishing. With a fleet of boats and their own, private floatplane, you and your fishing guides can design your adventure any way you would like. Each day you can choose whether you would like to experience the variety and abundance of saltwater fishing for giant halibut, black sea bass, ling cod, etc. or head to the world class salmon and steelhead rivers that are only minutes away from the lodge.


According to Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel the fly fishing is extraordinary with wide shallow rivers teaming seasonally with king salmon, sockeye salmon, silver salmon, steelhead and Dolly Varden. You can choose a float trip down the famous Karluk River and enjoy a delicious shore lunch, prepared by your guide!


All of Larsen Bay's waters can be fished with spinning tackle - which can be provided for you.

Larsen Bay Lodge's fleet includes a 65' aluminum fishing boat, the Eagle One. With a broad 16' beam, heated cabin, kitchen, head, shower, flat screen TV and bunks, you can fish and relax in total comfort.


Kodiak is more than twice the size of Rhode Island and quite mountainous. It is heavily forested at the northeast end of the island but almost treeless in the southwest part of the island where Larsen Bay Lodge is located. The island is deeply cut by sapphire-blue bays surrounded by rugged green mountains. In summer Kodiak is carpeted in deep shades of green and it is apparent why it is called the Emerald Isle.


Larsen Bay Lodge, which is accessible by a short 30-minute flight from the town of Kodiak, has been in operation since 1979. Over the years there have been thousands of clients and the lodge has been featured in dozens of television programs, including ESPN Outdoors, Jim Zumbo Outdoors, and The History Channel. 


At a Glance

Location: Kodiak Island, Alaska

Target Fish: Salmon, steelhead, dolly varden, halibut, sea bass, lingcod

Time of Year: June – September

Lodge Capacity: 14-16.  A large single group of up to 26 can be arranged

Nearest Airport: Kodiak

Documents Required: Alaska fishing license. Please purchase your licenses online, or in Kodiak at Mack's Sports Shop, Cy's Sporting Goods or Wal-Mart before you fly to Larsen Bay Lodge.

Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel
Fishing Program


Fly Fishing

Larsen Bay Lodge offers world-class fly-fishing. The Karluk River has been voted repeatedly one of the top ten salmon rivers in the world! Not only is the fishing outstanding, but you won't find any crowds. Access is restricted because the Karluk River lies in an area controlled by the native corporation.


It is not unusual to raft down the river to the many prime fishing holes and not see another soul! This is quite a contrast to "combat fishing" on the Kenai Peninsula. In addition to the Karluk, you can fish the nearby Dog Salmon River via Frazer Lake. Both rivers are accessed by our floatplane. The Karluk is a five-minute flight and the Dog Salmon is a 15-minute flight.


The Karluk River and the Dog Salmon River are both wide shallow rivers and easy to fly fish. The Karluk is famous for epic King Salmon runs. The average catch is 20-25 kings per day. Not long ago a group landed 125 kings in a day. The Karluk also has runs of silver and red salmon while offering dolly varden and a few rainbow trout all summer long. In the fall the Karluk offers superb steelhead fishing! Book an October trip for great steelhead fly fishing.


Halibut Fishing

Larsen Bay Lodge offers truly superb halibut fishing! These are huge fish that are a blast to catch on stand-up tackle and absolutely delicious to eat! It is prized for its delicate sweet flavor, snow-white color and firm flaky meat. Halibut is the world's premium whitefish.


One of the best parts about halibut fishing at Larsen Bay Lodge is that you don't have to travel for hours by boat across open water to get to the fishing grounds, (like you do in most other parts of Alaska). Several 300lb. halibut have been taken within 300 yards of the lodge! Most of the halibut fishing is done close to shore. Often fishing is so close to shore you can literally throw a rock and hit the bank! Larsen Bay Lodge's location on deep protected bays means weather will almost always allow halibut fishing.


The best halibut fishing is in July and early August. If you come in late August or September, you will be fishing for halibut and silver salmon in the same water. At that time of year you often you see silver salmon jumping and chasing candlefish while you're halibut fishing! Halibut can be taken routinely in October, November, and December when duck and deer hunters want to take home some fresh fish. No matter when you stay, you will often see bald eagles, whales, Steller Sea Lions, puffins, harbor seals, and sea otters!


You will generally anchor to fish halibut, and occasionally, if the conditions are right, you will drift for them. With over 20 years experience, the guides know the best locations and will put you in the fish!


Salmon Fishing

This is a trip of a lifetime! It is virgin fishing in lush green valleys surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is rare to encounter other anglers and you will likely see more bears than people!  

Because we offer both freshwater and saltwater fishing there is a greater variety of experiences. The freshwater fishing is conducted in several rivers accessed by the DeHavilland Beaver. These premier salmon fishing rivers include the Ayakulik, Karluk, Fraser, and Olga.


The world renowned Karluk River, which lies within the privately owned native corporation restricts access, is only a 5 minute flight. The Karluk produces wonderful King Salmon, Sockeye and Silver Salmon fishing. The Kings are not as large as those found in the Kenai River, (Karluk Kings average 20-40 lbs), but there are no crowds the Karluk yields more fish per fisherman.

You will raft two different sections of the Karluk River and be picked up by the Beaver with a short flight to the lodge.Whether you are fishing the Karluk or the Ayakulik for Kings, Sockeye or Silvers, one of the highlights is our "shore lunch". Your guide will take one of your freshly caught salmon and prepare a delicious meal over a fire right on the riverbank!


In the late summer and early fall, outstanding freshwater fishing for Silver Salmon is accessed by float plane as well as by boat across Uyak Bay to some of the most picturesque streams in Alaska. Larsen Bay Lodge also has the advantage of offering trolling for salmon in saltwater for variety and convenience. In August, for instance, you can be anchored for halibut and Silvers are jumping all around the boat feeding on candlefish. After you catch your limit of halibut, all you have to do is pull up the anchor, put the boat in gear and begin catching 12-20 lb. Silvers!


King Salmon Fishing

At Larsen Bay Lodge, they fish for Kings primarily in the 22 mile long Karluk River via float trip. The Karluk lagoon is also another option. Currently this is a catch and a release fishery. Kings provide an awesome fight in the relatively narrow and shallow Karluk River! The Karluk is ideal for fly fishing, but as with all the rivers, spinning tackle is also popular. They also troll for King Salmon in the saltwater.


Silver Salmon Fishing

Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon) may be the most popular sport fish and can typically be caught in the saltwater bays in August and in the many rivers throughout September. They are the second largest salmon species and have an average size of 10-12 lbs., and can be up to 20 lbs.


Silvers are aggressive fish that will hit almost anything you throw at them. The lodge fishes three rivers and the saltwater for this terrific sport fish. In August, when the Silvers are in the saltwater, they are bright chrome in color and delicious to eat. Another advantage of Silver fishing in August is that it is easily combined with halibut fishing.


There are also advantages to Silver Fishing in September. Sometimes airline tickets and hotel rates are lower in September. The amount of daylight is similar to the lower 48 states at this time of year. The fall color in September can be spectacular. At this time of year you will catch Silvers when they are packed in the rivers and the action can be non-stop!


Sockeye (Red) Salmon Fishing

Sockeye or Red Salmon are generally regarded as the most flavorful of the Pacific salmon. Although Sockeye are not as large as Kings or Silvers, they have a rich, deep color and a high oil content. Flavorful and beautiful, red salmon present well on the plate and their density makes them a favorite for sushi.


At Larsen Bay Lodge, they have two runs of Sockeye, one mid- May to mid-June and from mid-July to mid-August. Sockeye salmon weigh an average of 5-8 lbs.


Steelhead Fishing

The Steelhead run is one of the highlights of the fall season. This is a bonus fishery that provides great sport not only for the serious fisherman, but also for sportsman that comes to Larsen Bay in the fall primarily to hunt deer and duck. From mid-September through October and into November exciting Steelhead fishing can be had by fishing the fast water and deep holes of the Karluk River.


Steelhead are a sea-going form of rainbow trout. Their origin of their name most likely came from the metallic appearance of their head. The anadromous steelhead is born in the upper reaches of freshwater streams, remains there until it matures at 1-3 years, migrates to the ocean as an adult, and then returns to the stream waters to spawn. Steelhead do not die after they first spawn, and so may return to the stream to spawn several times in their lives. Most weigh less than 10 pounds but have been taken up to 30!


According to the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, "We have little information on the ocean migration of Alaska steelhead; however, large numbers are intercepted in high seas fisheries, and undoubtedly many of these fish are of Alaska origin. Steelhead migrate to areas west of the Aleutian Islands and are routinely caught in net fisheries off the coast of Japan".


Dolly Varden Fishing

At Larsen Bay Lodge the anadromous Dolly Varden are extremely abundant and like its close relative, the Eastern brook trout, the Dolly Varden is excellent eating, having excellent pink meat. It is also one of the prettiest native fish in Alaska! If you like trout fishing, you will love fishing for Dollies. On light tackle or fly rod, ounce for ounce, they will give you the fight of your life!


Our deluxe beachfront accommodations include 2 lodges and 2 private cabins. We are located on the beach so many of our rooms have incredible bay views.


The main lodge has a large dining area with a beautiful stone fireplace. Social areas are equipped with satellite TV, card table and pool table. Suites and cabins have queen size beds, private bathrooms and decks.


Larsen Bay Lodge has electricity generated at a nearby facility, which means no noisy generator and electricity all day and night. This means you can fish or hunt all day, come home, take a hot shower, if necessary wash and dry wet clothes, watch Sports Center after dinner, or plug in your video camera and watch highlights of your day.


In the morning if you like, you can watch CNN or the Weather Channel before heading of for another day of adventure. You can call home any time you like. Larsen Bay Lodge offers the best of both worlds! You can have your cake and eat it too!


All the meals at Larsen Bay lodge are not only a work of art, but are delicious and generous. You will enjoy world class meals with items like Alaskan king crab legs, fresh halibut, salmon, prime rib, steaks and chicken, all prepared and plated with perfection.


The soups, fresh salads and homemade desserts are all fabulous. Many of the lunches will be prepared fresh on the river and breakfasts are everything you want, from fresh hotcakes, sausage, eggs, to delicious oatmeal. You will never go hungry at Larsen Bay Lodge! 

Getting There

Fly to Anchorage. Then book a commercial flight on Era Aviation or Alaska Airlines to Kodiak, (250 miles southwest). Then it is a 30 minute flight from Kodiak to Larsen Bay on Island Air or Servant Air, which has regularly scheduled flights several times a day. When you book your trip we will walk you through this.



Sportfishing Rates  (June, July, August & September)


4 Days / 5 Nights - $Call

5 Days / 6 Nights - $Call

6 Days / 7 Nights - $Call

7 Days / 8 Nights - $Call


Price per person includes: lodging, meals, guide, saltwater charters, bear & whale viewing, spinner fishing equipment (not fly fishing gear), fish cleaning and packaging material.


Fly-out's extra per person


50% Deposit required to secure reservations


To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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