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Hosted Fly Fishing

Is Hosted Fly Fishing for Elitists?

There is a perception that hosted fly fishing is for brandy-sipping, lodge-loving elitists, but in many cases, this is not how it really is. While some providers do cater to the elite, most work with regular people who just love to fish. In fact, many people go on excursions with the same host just so they can get back together with people from prior trips. These people have become friends through their hosted fly fishing experience and actively look for ways to come together as a group as the years go by.

Another type of people who like hosted fly fishing is novice fishermen. These people originally attend classes, camps, and other hosted events in order to learn and perfect their abilities. During these events, they often become friends, and this leads to the repeat attendance previously mentioned. Try a hosted trip for yourself, and you'll likely find it fun!

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