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Hosted Fishing Trips

What is the Point of Hosted Fishing Trips?

Hosted fishing trips are basically guided trips, but with a "host" who serves as a manager of the other guides. In some cases, the host will also give you tips on how to fish, quirks of travel to or from exotic areas, and more. This is not only great for new anglers, but for old hands who are looking for groups of people who are all into the same thing they are: fishing for whatever type of fish the host's area offers.

While that is true of hosted fishing trips in general, there are times when there is an even bigger point to this sort of trip: It may be the only type of fishing allowed in a specific area. For example, in Cayo Largo off the shore of Cuba, only a few boats are allowed at once, and all must be guided. This and other exclusive areas typically have unique, fragile ecosystems that can only handle limited fishing.

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