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Destination Overview

When Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel clients express a desire to have the ultimate Canadian trophy fishing experience, we recommend Ganglers. Ganglers has been recognized for Canadian fishing trips since 1985. Their North Seal River Lodge offers an experience that no other Canadian lodge can match and as a guest you will have access to 5,000,000 acres of some of the best multi fishery trophy fishing in North America. 


The lodge provides exquisite accommodations, warm personalized service and an adventure that will surely satisfy at least one bucket list dream.  We at Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel are proud to be able to offer you Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge as it will provide a bucket list adventure for any fisherman.


Gangler’s began outfitting Canadian fishing trips in 1985 and in 1998 built the North Seal River Lodge and outposts, which was the third lodge that they established in northern Canada.  Being about 200 miles from the closest road, it is situated in an area that has no other lodges, no communities and no commercial fishing.  It’s exclusive allocation where 12 river systems merge to form the North Seal River, stretches for over 7,200 sq miles. 


It is one of the few lodges that can offer its guests the possibility of a Canadian Grand Slam (Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, and Arctic Grayling) in one setting.  The waters are diverse ranging in size from 6 to over 20 miles long.  The Manitoba record pike was taken on the lodges allocated property in 2008.


Unlike many other lodges, the main lodge only holds 24 guests and the outposts only hold no more than 8 guests each.  making for a more relaxed experience. With so few guests at any one lodge, they are able to receive the personalized attention he or she deserves.  All camps are unique in layout and are rated 5 star. For those who would like an even more secluded experience the lodge offers fly outs to 5 delux mini camps that hold only 8 guests each.   


Fishing is the priority and the lodge caters to whatever kind of fisherman you already are and  during your stay you will be encouraged to become the fisherman that you always wanted to be.  Whatever the type of fishing techniques you are familiar with, your skills will improve tremendously by the end of your week’s stay.

At a Glance

Target Fish: Northern Pike, Walleye, Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout

Location: North western Manitoba, Canada

Seasons: June through August

Lodge Capacity: 24

Nearest Airport: Winnepeg, Manitoba CA

Electricity: 110 volts

Documents needed:  Passport

Fishing Program

As recently as 10 years ago Northern Canada was not on the radar for most fly fishermen looking for far off adventure.  Much of that has changed now and many fly fishermen are aware of the excitement of fishing for trophy Pike, Walleye and Arctic Grayling in the north western corner of Manitoba. No other fishery offers more variety and quality than the North Seal River system.  There the fly fishermen can fish for five different species in a wealth of differing habitat. 


Gangler’s was one of the first Canadian lodges to focus on developing fly fishing techniques for Pike, Lake Trout and Grayling.  Owner Ken Gangler’s passion for fly fishing and regular visits by fly fishing legends have contributed to a wealth of knowledge to make your visit memorable. Gangler’s practices strictly catch & release and provincial law requires that fishermen only use barbless hooks.  These practices have ensured healthy populations of the areas fish.    


During your trip mother nature can throw  you a curve ball and provide a variety of weather conditions that will require that you adjust tackle and techniques to catch fish.  Temperatures can change from 90 degrees one day and the next day fall to 50 degrees, so it is important to know how to fish in many different situations and the lodge’s guides know where the fish hangout in all types of weather conditions.  The fish move in and out of areas depending on what is going on with the weather and corresponding water temperatures. 


If you’ve made the effort to travel to our remote local, it’s because you love fishing for really big fish.  It’s good to keep in mind, however, that your visit to North Seal River Lodge is also about experiencing adventure, discovery and luxury.


Main Lodge

The main lodge is simply as grand as they come with a classic north-woods charm. Soaring beams, beautiful wood finishes, a majestic fireplace and spectacular scenic views form a masterpiece. Over 4200 sq. ft, its grand interior offers comfortable lounging areas, a pool table, card table, ping pong table, tackle room, complimentary computer, free wi-fi, a complimentary fly table, complimentary DVD library and the rustic Timberwolf bar.


The cabins are as spectacular as the lodge. Each features a beautiful sitting area, screened-in porch, comfortable beds, thermostatically controlled heat, TV/VCR, and one full bath for every two guests. Four person cabins feature a private bath off each bedroom and an additional table area with seating for four.  Also included are TV, VCR or DVD plus a coffee maker and extra linens, blankets and towels. 


On a typical day, upon your return from your fishing adventure, cocktails and hors d’ ouveres are served between 5 and 7PM.  This is a great time to kick back and share stories (lies?) about the trophy fish that you landed.  Dinner is served promptly at 7pm. The lodge’s gourmet cook strives to strike a balance between 5 star cuisine without sacrificing the heartiness great fishing demands. From apricot glazed Cornish hens, steak dinner, encrusted leg of lamb with rosemary potatoes or the perfectly cooked prime rib with a maki style cucumber wrapped salad, each dining experience is a delight


On Site Amenities and Activities Include

Satellite TV and VCR

Wi-Fi/internet access


Fly Shop


Gourmet Food

Non fly fishing activities

Fly Out Lodges

Maria Lake Mini Lodge: Exclusive to only 8 guests (parties of 2 are welcome) it will put you within access to five portage lakes and five species. The 5 star lodge has four cabins that hold two guests each. 16’ boats are available for use by two guests each.  Free Wi-Fi is included, as are meals and laundry service.  Camp manager is on site.  Guiding is extra

Stevens/Nicklin Lake Deluxe Outpost: This 5 star deluxe outpost puts you within easy access to 3 lakes (one is portage) and 5 species of fish. The lodge has two cabins that hold four guests each. 16’ boats are available for use by two guests each.  Free Wi-Fi is included, as are meals and laundry service.  Camp manager is on site.  Guiding is extra.

Bain Lake Deluxe Outpost: One of the lodge’s most popular 5 star outpost lodges that holds 12 guests (parties of 2 welcome). Lodge offers access to over 50 miles of waterway, 5 fish species and one portage lake. 16’ boats are available for use by two guests each.   Free Wi-Fi is included, as are meals and laundry service.  Camp manager is on site.  Guiding is extra.


Burnie Lake Deluxe Outpost: 5 star outpost lodge that holds 8 guests (parties of 2 welcome). 18 miles of North Seal River access plus Long Lake portage and overnight camp. 16 2/3’ boats are available for use by two guests each.   Free Wi-Fi is included, as are meals and laundry service.  Camp manager is on site.  Guiding is extra.


Clifton Lake Classic Outpost: 4 star cabin on Clifton lake.  Lodge holds parties of 4-8 guests and may be exclusively reserved for parties of 4. Solar powered with modern kitchen. One large lake and 4 fish species.   16’ and 14’ boats are available for use by two guests each.   Free Wi-Fi is included, as are meals and laundry service.  Camp manager is on site.  Guiding is extra

Getting There

Early Saturday morning guests depart on the lodge’s private charter from Winnipeg, Manitoba directly to our main lodge. Occasionally there is a brief stop in Thompson. Normal flight time is 2 ½ hrs. The charter lands on the lodge’s 5400’ airstrip right behind the lodge. Main lodge guests are served lunch and will be out on the lake before noon. Outpost guests are only a short float plane trip away to their respective camps. Getting home is even easier. Guests traveling to most U.S. destinations are home the same day from departing camp.



Rates are based on double occupancy


Fishing Packages/Main Lodge

Season begins June 6 and ends August 19

Includes guiding and maid service.  Equipment is available.


7 nights/7 days fishing: $5,995. per person

5 nights/5 days fishing: $5,595. per person

4 nights/4 days fishing: $5,295.​ per person


Fishing Packages/Fly Out Camps
Maria Lake Mini Lodge:


Stevens/Nicklin Lake Outpost


Bain Lake Outpost


Burnie Lake Outpost


Clifton Lake Classic Outpost


To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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