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GALLOUP'S SANDY POINT LODGE- Kienes' Premier Destination
Destination Overview

Abaco is a 100 mile long string of Islands in the Bahamas. There are miles of flats to cast to bonefish. The waters are surrounded by mangrove stands, turtle grass and lots of small islands - perfect habitat for bonefish. Obviously, the area around Abaco holds a ton of bonefish, but it also holds lots of BIG bonefish.  


The great part of Abaco is the number of shots you will get daily. It is a great place for beginning saltwater anglers. With more opportunities you will improve, each and every day. The skilled angler will also enjoy Abaco Island with lots of action and shots at very large bonefish and other species, like Permit, Jacks etc. Some of the biggest bonefish on record have been caught out of these waters.

“Cast! Bonefish 11 o'clock!”


Come join us for an adventurous trip to Abaco, Bahamas for big bones, conch fritters, and Kalik beer. Our Travel Director, Mark Merrill, will be leading 6 anglers to the end of the road on the south end of Abaco to Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge for the week of November 3-10, 2019. 


Mark has been to this location a dozen times, it is a little off the beaten path and a little funky. The lodge is a basic operation with tasty traditional Bahamian food, but the location is world-class. Bonefish can occasionally be seen tailing off the front porch. 

At a Glance

Location: Sandy Point, Abaco, Permit, Bonefish

Time of Year: April-June, Oct Nov

Lodge Capacity: 22

Nearest Airport: Marsh Harbour Intl. Airport - 39 mi.

Documents Required: Valid passport. No visa required for citizens of most countries

Bonefish from Sandy Point
Bonefish from Sandy Point
Fishing Program 

The fishing, weather notwithstanding, can be wonderful and the bonefish are large. There will be a few permit around this time of year, and big ones, but you have to dedicate a large portion of the day to targeting them, and even then, they are still permit. You will get shots, but they are always tough.

The boats are high quality and the guides are legendary, and the fishing is first-class, and the bonefish can be quite large, pushing that 8-10 pound size where you just do not land too many of them.


Smaller bonefish on the other hand can be pretty thick, especially in The Marls, where they tend to be fairly unsophisticated. There are several other habitats nearby, and the guides will decide which way to go depending on the prevailing wind, so that you will almost always be in the lee. If the wind lays down real nice, the guides will consider making the 45 minute run to Moore's Island, where the fish can be oversize and unmolested. 


There is a large flat (called the “Tourist Flat”) right in front of the lodge where you can do some after-hours fishing, although you need to hitchhike a ride across the channel. The guided fishing will be both wading and boat fishing, and there will be shots at both schools and big singles.


We are using mostly 8 weights, although you can use anything from a 6 to a 9. Pretty standard bonefish flies are in order, mainly Gotchas, although the guides tend to like big flies because they can see them from the poling platform. We have been having good success on spookier tailing fish with the Tailer's Beware and the Flats Fly, which are lighter, more subtle flies. 


November is the ideal month for bonefish here because the fish have not been pressured all summer and the September hurricane season is over

Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge
Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge
Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge

Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge as mentioned is a little off the beaten path and slightly funky. The lodge is a basic operation with tasty traditional Bahamian food, but the location is world-class.


The dinners are mostly fish and lobster, the lunches are standard, and the breakfasts are cooked to order.  


The trip is all-inclusive, other than Kaliks (the national beer) and tips. The shuttle to the lodge, all meals, and rooms are all included. The rooms are clean and comfortable with their own bathrooms, free WiFi, and, most importantly, everybody gets their own room. TV is only available in the bar.

There is some snorkling nearby, including spearfishing for your own lobster if you want. There is virtually nothing else to do in this little town at the end of the road, so do not bring a non-fishing partner, as they will be bored to death. If you wanted to stay a few more days in Abaco, you can talk to Mark Merrill about some interesting do-it-yourself bonefishing, or other lodges at different spots on the island. 

Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge
Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge
Rickmon's Bonefish Lodge
Getting There

March Harbour, Abaco is easily accessed from various Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina cities on major US carriers like United, American, and Delta. Plus, there are a number of little airlines and charter companies that fly to the island.


The lodge will arrange taxi shuttles to Sandy Point on the very southern tip of Great Abaco, about a 1½ drive on the only real road.


We would recommend avoiding Bahamian Air and the capitol Nassau, as both have proven to be problematic over the years.


If you start out from California on a “red-eye” (late night flight), you should get to your US jump-off city in time for the flight to Abaco. If you have to layover, do so in the US city, not Nassau, as it will be easier, nicer, and cheaper.


On Abaco, like all the Family Islands (the smaller Bahamian islands), we have experienced virtually nothing negative, and have found the people honest, charming, and fun.


We are familiar with a number of other lodges and locations on the island, some with considerably more appeal to non-fishing partners, and we would be happy to arrange a more extended stay if you desire one. 

$Call/Week per person Dbl. Occ.
Other weeks available at the same price.


Included in Rates: Shuttle to lodge, Lodging, all meals, and non-alcoholic drinks, guides.

Not Included in Rates: Airfare, gratuities, alcohol.

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