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Fly Fishing in the Bahamas

Why Go Fly Fishing in the Bahamas

Fly fishing in the Bahamas lets you get a fishing trip and an exotic vacation in one. Options here range from small cabins to large lodges, and all offer great access to saltwater fish. Despite the popularity of the Bahamas in general, some of these locations are on isolated islands of the archipelago, and this provides a slow, laid-back atmosphere great for relaxation.

One of the lodges offering fly fishing in the Bahamas is Bair's Lodge, which sits close to a coral reef. Within the reef, you'll not only find fish like wahoo and tuna, but get to see dolphins as well as the occasional marlin or sailfish. Barracuda, snapper, and grouper are also present within the reef, and you can feel free to target these with your fly fishing efforts. There's no need for a visa if you're from the US or UK, making it easy to go ahead and check it out.

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