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Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Go Fly Fishing in New Zealand

For those who truly love fishing, there aren't enough unique places within the borders of the United States. A good way to start checking out the waters of the rest of the planet is to go fly fishing in New Zealand on your next trip. There, you'll find a friendly, English-speaking people, but also get to encounter a unique culture unlike anywhere else in the Anglosphere. Then, once you get to your fishing lodge, you'll have a chance to catch something different and take in some new scenery.

Rainbow and brown trout await those who visit the preferred lodges of Kiene's Fly Shop Adventure Travel. The lodgings themselves range from a small cabin to a large operation, and they are all surrounded by beautiful scenery like small mountains and forests. Some locations are only accessible by helicopter, making them perfect for those who want to cut off contact with the office and just relax.

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