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Fly Fishing in Iliamna

Brave the Cold – Try Fly Fishing in Iliamna!

The Iliamna River in Alaska is a pristine, clear waterway that is home to plenty of fish – and the Iliamna River Lodge. Use the lodge as your temporary home as you fish this river, or use it as a base from which you can be flown to other nearby rivers. Either way, you'll see a landscape that most will only come close to through their TV screens, and taste what nature has to offer after your successful fishing trips.

Unlike some Alaskan destinations, this one is accessible by boat as well as plane. For transportation around the immediate area, you'll find a van parked upstream, out of direct view but readily accessible. This makes it easy to get wherever you want to go without hiking. That makes it great for those who are getting away from desk jobs and who don't want to have to embark on an exercise program just to enjoy some fishing.

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