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Fly Fishing in Chile

Fresh Water Fly Fishing in Chile: Familiar, Yet Unique

Cabin-style lodges made of wood and stone await you in Chile, where you can get plenty of freshwater fishing in while enjoying some local culture. Brown trout, rainbows, and brooks are also there, waiting for your flies to catch their attention.

Notably, some of the lodges here are involved in other businesses as well. One, for example, is also a working alpaca ranch. There, you'll see alpacas watching you as you fish. The river closest to this ranch is also Chile's first catch-and-release style waterway. If you'd like to keep your fish, you'll need to travel to one of the nearby catch-and-keep rivers. Other ranches in Chile have their own unique attributes which make them unlike any you're likely to find elsewhere.

To do fly fishing in Chile, you'll need a passport and your fishing gear. The electricity is 220V, so you may need adapters for things like running an electric shaver.

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