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Fly Fishing in Alaska

Is it Too Cold for Fly Fishing in Alaska?

The temperature of Alaska depends on when you go, so if you time it right, you won't find it all that cold. For most fly fishers, however, the temperature isn't the biggest issue here – it's when the fish are out in numbers. Most agree that the best time to go is when the salmon are running, because that's the time they are the most abundant and easiest to catch.

Fly fishing in Alaska can get not only salmon, but also rainbows, grayling, chums, dollies, chinooks, and silvers. All of these are river-dwelling freshwater fish, so most of the lodges are on rivers to make it easy for patrons to go get some.

Notably, the locations for fly fishing in Alaska are famously remote and hard to reach. One of the most unique locations on the riverbank is a tent lodge that doesn't even have any solid structures, making it doubly rustic in atmosphere.

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