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Fishing Trips in Alaska

Is it Worth it to go on Fishing Trips in Alaska?

If you go on fishing trips in Alaska while the salmon are running, it's definitely worth the trip. You'll get to taste salmon that is actually fresh instead of having been heated and canned, and this alone can be worth the price of the plane ticket. However, Alaska doesn't stop with just the fish. You'll also see beautiful, rugged scenery that doesn't exist anywhere else, as well as being able to say you visited a state that most people only see in coffee table books or on nature shows.

When it isn't salmon season, you'll still have plenty of fishing opportunities. Other types of fish also live in the rivers and are on the lookout for any flies they can catch – including your lures. The only real caveat is that it's best to go in the summer. Otherwise, your fishing trips in Alaska will be of the ice variety.

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