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Dolly Varden is one of the most widely distributed salmonids in Alaska,  they are found in the coastal areas of the state a far north as the mouth of the Mackenzie River in northern Canada. Populations are also found along the Asian Pacific coast as far south as Korea. 
Dolly Varden are not a true trout, but like Brook Trout, Arctic Char and Lake Trout, are actually members of the Char family.  They are quite common in Alaska, and provide some great sport that is incidental to more popular target species such as Salmon and Rainbow Trout.
Lodges where you can find them: Reel Action Camps,  Steelhead Valhalla, Sedanka, Zendzur, Boardwalk Lodge, Egdorf’s Nushagak Camp, Royal Coachman Lodge, Larson Bay Lodge.
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