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Destination Overview

Northeastern California’s Fall River is truly a magical destination as it offers some of the best trout fishing in the western USA in a spectacular setting.  It should be on the bucket list of every fly fisherman as the trout are truly wild as the river hasn’t been planted in many decades.  We at Kiene’s Fly Fishing Travel have been fishing the Fall River for over twenty years, and have developed our Spinner Fall Lodge fishing package that combines several days stay at this historical lodge along with several days of guided fishing is the best way to be introduced to this magnificent river where many of fly fishing’s greatest gurus cut their teeth. 


Unlike most other rivers that are fed by a spider web of smaller headwater tributaries, the Fall River simply gushes out of a lava tube into a large alpine valley where it meanders slowly as a spring creek for several miles.  Your first impression of the area that the river flows through is that of just pretty farmland, but once you get on the water the magic happens.  As you cruise up the river looking for trout in the rivers crystal clear water, the shoreline scenery of old barns, 100 year old farm houses, broken fences and abundant wildlife provide a picture postcard view at every bend of the river.  Imagine spending a day experiencing such bucolic ambience, fishing dry flies to rises of some of the most challenging Rainbows in the state. 


Spinner Fall Lodge (Formerly Rick’s Lodge) has been located on the bank near the headwaters of the river for over thirty years.  It has modern rooms, and is the location of one of the best restaurants for miles around.  If you are looking to spend a fly fishing vacation in one of the west’s most beautiful and tranquil settings, the Spinner Fall Lodge will provide you with an experience that will bring you back year to year.

At a Glance

Target Fish: Rainbow Trout

Location: Fall River Mills, CA

Seasons: Last Saturday in April to November 15th 

Lodge Capacity: 14 guests

Nearest Airport: Fall River Mills (about 10 miles away)

Electricity: 110v

Fishing Program

There is no wading access on the Fall River so either a boat or personal watercraft is necessary to fish the river.  Due to the size of the river, a motorized watercraft is preferable.  Boats can be rented at the lodge. 


On a typical day you will meet your guide after breakfast and be on the water by 9am.  As hatches haven’t started yet he or she will most likely motor to one of the deeper runs were you will streamer fish the channels between the weeds.  This is where you will probably catch the biggest fish of the day. As the air temperature warms up you will begin to see rises.  Your guide will motor to a position upstream from the rises and anchor the boat. He/she will instruct you in the technique of the legendary Fall River twitch which is a downstream presentation method.  Fall River’s fish are smart and will get lock-jaw if they see the sparkle of leader in the surface film.  You will probably lunch (provided by the guide) in the boat and continue fishing until late afternoon. 

Later in the day and early evening brings some impressive spinner falls in the water upstream from the (appropriately name Spinner Fall Lodge) of Blue Wing Olive and Pale Morning Duns.  Depending on your arrangements with the guide he/she will take you out for the evening’s fishing so you can enjoy the excitement of drifting size #18 spinner patterns to sipping fish in the glassy surface film.  Another fishing option, particularly if you are a guest of the lodge in late June or early July, is to fish the legendary Hex Hatch that occurs at dusk in the lower stretches of the river.  These huge mayflies (up to over an inch long) look like a flotilla of tiny sailboats upon the water, and witnessing a large Rainbow making a slashing grab will surely set your heart a flutter.  


Spinner Fall Lodge is also very close to two of California’s other legendary waters, Hat Creek and the Pit River, so for a change of pace, experiencing a day on one of these rivers is a wonderful option while staying at the lodge.   

Best Fly Fishing Seasons



Spinner Fall Lodge has 7 nicely appointed rooms with, air conditioning, and bathrooms.  Doors to the rooms open on to a veranda that overlooks the river.  One of the best restaurants and bar in the area is located on site.

On Site Amenities and Activities Include:

Satellite TV

Wi-Fi/internet access

Laundry facilities are available to guests


Gourmet Food (great restaurant on premises).  Breakfast is included with your stay.

Non fly fishing activities: Burney Falls State Park, historic town of Fall River Mills, world class golf course close by.

Boat launching: available at both Spinner Fall and its sister lodge Circle-7 for a $45. fee

Getting There

The lodge is easily accessible from California’s major highways. From the city of Redding, turn north from Interstate 5 east on Hwy 299 for 70 miles to the town of Fall River Mills. Turn left at Glenburn Rd and proceed north for about ten minutes to a T intersection. Turn right and then an immediate left on to McCarthur Rd. Continue north for a few minutes to the lodge which will be on the right.


For those who will be arriving by private aircraft Fall River Mills Airport is located at the town of Fall River Mills which is about 10 miles from the lodge.  


Inclusions: lodging, breakfast, and guide for 2 days. Two fishermen per guide.


Non Inclusions: fishing license, dinner and transfers from airport (lodge may provide transfer from the airport on an individual basis)


2 days fishing/3 nights: $1019.00 pp/dbl occ.

3 days fishing/4 nights: $1,495.00 pp/dbl occ.

4 days fishing/5 nights: $1,995.00 pp/dbl occ.


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