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Chum Salmon have the widest geographic and spawning distribution of any Pacific Salmonid because its range extends further along the coast than any other Salmon species. They can range from Monterey Bay in central California all the way north to the Arctic Ocean and then south along the western Pacific coast to Korea. 
They may historically have been the most abundant of all Pacific salmonids. Chums average 8 to 12 pounds and though not considered as aggressive a fighter as the other species, they do have a keen appetite for streamer flies and lures. There is as much respect for their fighting endurance as for any other salmon.
They run late June through July.
Lodges where you can find them: Alaska Fish and Float, Reel Action Camps, Kalum River lodge, Steelhead Valhalla, Copper River Lodge, Royal Coachman Lodge, Iliamna River Lodge, Rainbow River Lodge,
Savan Base Camp
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