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Destination Overview

The historic city of Campeche, located on the western Yucatan Peninsula facing the Gulf of Mexico is legendary for its world class Baby Tarpon fishing.  The colonial architecture of the city of 400,000 and its many fine eateries makes it a great destination for even those who don’t fish.  Fly fishermen are now coming  from all over the world to fish the Campeche Tarpon Club but it wasn’t that long ago that the fishing in this area was a well kept secret. 


One of the attractive features of Campeche is that for American fishermen, the flight time is only a couple of hours from most airports which is much shorter than flying to many other saltwater destinations.  During your stay you will be housed at the beautiful Hotel Plaza Campeche near Campeche’s historic central plaza. 


At Campeche, Tarpon are attracted to its mangrove lined coastline with many channels and inlets that is their nursery ground and habitat.  Don’t let the term “Baby” suggest that these fish are small as they range from 5 to 30 lbs.  It’s just that they are distinct from the giant migratory Tarpon that go as big as 100 lbs.  If you are there the right time of the year you might have a chance at one of those behemoths too. 


Sight fishing for Tarpon on Campeche’s vast flats and watching them “tail walk” on the surface of a glass smooth crystal clear lagoon is as about as exciting as it gets for saltwater fly fishermen.  Because of the incredible fishing and accommodations offered by the club we at Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel highly recommend the Campeche Tarpon Club for both experienced and beginners alike. 


At a Glance

Target Fish: Baby Tarpon

Location: Campeche, Yucatan MX

Seasons: All year

Lodge Capacity: Varies

Nearest Airport: Campeche

Electricity:  110 volts

Documents needed: Passport

Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Fishing Program

The government designated biosphere reserve of Los Petenes is literally an aquarium of tropical fish, and that is where the guests of Tarpon Cay Lodge chase the kings of the flats.   You will meet your guide each morning at about 5:30 AM and head out to the flats in his Mexican panga which is a very stable flat bottomed boat that is easy to stand on while casting. 


You will arrive at your destination just as the sun peaks over the mangroves and look for rolling Tarpon in the glassy water.  At this point the means of propulsion will change over from outboard motor to a long pole that the guide will use to quietly push the panga to within casting distance of the fish. 


Though the Tarpon are always in the area, tides and wind can have an effect on the day’s fishing.  Depending on the conditions the guide may have you out in the open or on other days you will fish the mangrove lined inlets and creeks, so some days you will see only a few fish and others you will see hundreds. 


On a typical day you will be able to cast to at least 20.  Once you get a feel for the correct rhythm of stripping you will experience violent hits and the sound of screaming drags.  The fact that Tarpon fishing requires sighting, stalking and making the perfect cast creates an adrenaline rush, that compares to no other fishing experience.


Best Fly Fishing Seasons

All year.  

Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel

Your headquarters as a guest of the Campeche Tarpon Club is the Hotel Plaza Campeche.  Located close to the town’s central plaza this colonial style hotel provides all of the services and amenities that you would expect of a quality hotel such as a swimming pool, free internet, restaurant etc. Close by the hotel are restaurants, shops, and museums. Well appointed rooms include two full size beds, air conditioning, cable TV and private bath with a shower.  


On Site Amenities and Activities Include

Satellite TV

Wi-Fi/internet access



Excellent Food

Non fly fishing activities


Breakfast is served in the hotel’s coffee shop which is open early in the morning so you can eat and be off fishing as soon as possible.  The menu combines Mexican with American dishes.  You will be provided with a box lunch consisting of sandwiches, snacks and beverages which you will consume on your boat. 


As a part of your package your evening meal you will dine out at one of the town’s excellent restaurants offering many local dishes that consist of a variety of fish plus pork and chicken.  Purified drinking water is always served.     

Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene' Fly Fishing Travel
Getting There

Getting there is accomplished by booking a flight into the Campeche International Airport which is only 15 minutes to the hotel.  A Campeche Tarpon Representative will be there to greet you just outside of Customs at the airport.  A lodge representative will return you to the airport on departure day.



Rates are double occupancy and 1 guide/boat per 2 anglers


Inclusions: room, meals, non alcoholic beverages and guide


4 nights/3 fishing days $1,995.00 per person

5 nights/4 fishing days: $2,495.00 per person

6 nights/5 fishing days : $2,895.00 per person

7 nights/6 fishing days: $5,050.00 per person

To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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