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Blackwater Explorer
Hosted by Gary & Stephanie
Jan 4-11, 2023 
Per Person / dbl. occ.
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Destination Overview

The beautiful "Blackwater Explorer" is among the most attractive yachts sailing the Amazon basin. Her classic and graceful "Amazonian Regional" design blends perfectly with the pristine blackwater habitat she calls home. But more importantly, she’s been built to fish. Her broad beam maximizes her functional interior space while keeping her total length manageably short.


This gives the vessel great maneuverability, letting her safely and easily penetrate into smaller tributaries, inaccessible to other mothership operations. The yacht’s impressively low draft (she displaces only 1.2 meters of water) allows her to readily pass shallow sandbars and obstructions that would keep less efficiently designed boats back in port.

The Blackwater Explorer was designed for fishermen. Her well-organized debarkation deck lets a full group of anglers get started on their fishing day quickly, without crowding, fuss or confusion. The debarkation deck’s waterline exit lets you walk right onto your fishing boat with no ladders to climb. All of your fishing gear and take-along items can remain right at hand and ready to go when you are. We’ve done our best to think it through and we believe we’ve come up with the best purpose-built fishing vessel in the Amazon Basin.


At a Glance

Target Fish: Peacock Bass, Arowana, Pacu, and Pirarucu

Location: Northern Brazil

Seasons: Feb through Nov

Lodge Capacity: 16 Anglers 35 guests

Nearest Airport: Manaus (international) which connects to a private airport near the lodge

Documents Needed: Visa.  An application for a visa can take as much as three months to process so it’s important to plan ahead.  Visas will not be issued to those who’s passports will expire within six months of the trip.

Electricity: 110 V.  Normal American 3 prong plugs are fine. 

BWE Zamith 1250.jpg
Fishing Program

The Blackwater Explorer operates a fleet of shallow draft, 18 foot welded aluminum bass boats. Custom built to our specifications, these fast and efficient boats are designed to take hard use and keep anglers comfortable while accessing even the most hidden lagoons.


Two stable fishing platforms provide solid footing and casting access for even the largest anglers. The comfortable, stable, padded seats can be pedestal mounted or anglers can fish standing, as per their preference.


Don't be hornswoggled by big, fancy bass boats offered by some operators. They just aren't right for this purpose. Our boats can pass through the narrowest of lagoon openings, passing over underwater debris or under overhanging logs with ease. We handle the most challenging obstacles, letting us fish waters that others have to pass by.

Equipped with meticulously maintained 40 hp Yamaha outboards and 45 lb. thrust trolling motors, anglers are perfectly positioned to catch their Amazon trophies. Guides utilize Boga-grips, fishing tools and landing nets. A cooler with food and drinks of your choice provides the fuel that busy anglers need. Each boat carries a Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracker and communicator in case assistance is needed.

Peacock bass are inactive at night, so anglers and guides start their fishing day at sunrise. A hearty boxed lunch and a pair of hammocks makes for a comfortable midday break. Anglers return to the Explorer by 5:00, after a full day of pursuing the awesome peacock bass. Cocktails and appetizers are waiting.

Best Fly Fishing seasons:

Fishing is great throughout the season that runs between Aug and March


Luxurious and Comfortable—The Explorer is a fishing mothership of the highest caliber. The list of her luxurious features is long. Here are just a few.

  1. Private bathrooms w/sink, toilet and separate hot shower in each cabin.

  2. Quiet, split unit air-conditioners with individual thermostats in each cabin.

  3. Comfortable cabins with room to relax and plenty of storage space.

  4. Two meter high ceilings. Gone are the days when six-footers have to duck.

  5. Huge (6 and 1/2 x 7 meter) common area. Spacious dining room and lots of walk-around space.

  6. Big, wide, non-slip stairwells.

  7. Cabin doors open directly to outside spaces.

  8. Shallow draft for improved access - over 1/2 meter less than typical Amazon yachts. The Explorer can fish areas others just can't get to.

  9. Wider beam - Perfect stability.

  10. Smoke-free cabins and indoor areas.

  11. Open-air bar and lounge area on upper deck.


Breakfast - Awaken to the aroma of potent Brazilian coffee and a delicious breakfast with eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, pastries and exotic fresh tropical fruit.

Lunch - Pack a hearty lunch to enjoy during your fishing day. Select from Brazilian specialty salgadas, fresh fish, hamburgers or just a simple ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Dinner - After a long day of fishing, return to the welcoming Explorer and, before you know it, an ice cold "caipirinha" finds its way into your hand along with delicious appetizers. Relax and enjoy fishing tales in our open-air lounge during "Happy Hour" and then head to the Explorer's Brazilian hardwood dining room for a full course dinner.

Dinner always includes amazing soups, fresh salads and tasty desserts with a full range of beverages, from excellent wines, tropical juices to Coca Cola or hot tea. Wine, beer and liquors are always available at our well-stocked open bar. The Blackwater Explorer is a floating gourmet experience, in every sense of the phrase.

BWE bar2.jpg
Getting There

The lodge is reached by flying to Manaus Brazil and transferring to a charter that will take you on about an hour’s flight to the lodge.  Transfers from the airport in Manaus to your hotel and back to the airport the next morning to catch your charter are included in your package.  An onsite lodge representative will meet you at the airport in Manaus to handle transfers.  You will want to book your flight from Miami to Manaus on a Friday and your return to Miami on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. 

Acute Angling will book flights to ensure all goes correctly, they can use your mileage points if you wish


Fall Rates (Aug-Oct)

7 nights/6 days fishing:  $5750. pp dbl occ.


Fall/Winter Rates (Nov-March)

7 nights/6 days fishing:  $5250. pp dbl occ.


Included: lodging based on double occupancy and 2 fishermen per boat/guide, 1 Night / 1 Day accommodations in Manaus, and in-country transfers. 


Not included: Airfare to Manaus, airport taxes,, and meals in Manaus, and gratuities. 

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