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Amazon aboard THE OTTER
Destination Overview

Welcome to one of the most exciting fishing adventures anywhere – a week exploring the fabled waters of the Amazon basin for MONSTER peacock bass with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures, America’s leading international outfitter!

Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures offers you the finest peacock bass fishing experience of a lifetime aboard the fantastic Otter houseboat. Your week on the Amazon will be aboard the Amazon’s newest, largest and finest houseboat. There is approximately 7,750 sq.ft. for the clients to relax in and enjoy. The Otter is a four deck, twin diesel, spacious, floating hotel that can fish anywhere in the Amazon basin – even in 2 ft. of water.

Brazil peacock bass fishingYour quarry is the awesome peacock bass, not only one of the most beautiful of all freshwater fish, but also one of the strongest and most acrobatic in the world. You should expect to do battle with fish in the 10-20 pound class and possibly a few much larger!

Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures offers you the best rivers in South America for giant trophy peacock bass. The rivers we fish produce more peacock bass in excess of 20 lbs. than any other rivers in South America. Natives of this region frequently report catching monster peacocks in excess of 14 kilos (30 lbs.) on hand lines, and we certainly believe them. One of the rivers we fish, the mighty Rio Negro, is home to the IGFA all tackle record (27.5 lbs.) caught in 1994. The rivers we fish are all “black water”, which is the color of dark tea, caused by tannic acids. Due to the acid content, mosquitos are unable to breed, thus eliminating these feisty pests.


At a Glance

Target Fish: Arapaima, Arawana, Peacock Bass

Location: Northern Brazil

Seasons: Mid September through December 1st

Lodge Capacity: 6 guests

Nearest Airport: Manaus International Airport, Brazil (MAO), One (1) overnight in Manaus on arrival. You will need to arrange your domestic flights from Manaus to Tefe on Azul Airlines. 

Documents Needed: Passport & Visa. An application for a visa can take as much as three months to process so it’s important to plan ahead.  Visas will not be issued to those who’s passports will expire within six months of the trip.

Electricity: 110v.  but with standard European two prongs.  

Kienes Fly Fishing Travel
Kienes Fly Fishing Travel
Kienes Fly Fishing Travel
Fishing Program

The fishing experience of a lifetime is how most visiting anglers describe their peacock bass fishing trip to the Amazon with Ron Speed Jr’s Adventures aboard their new vessel the Otter.

Visiting anglers have always had the privilege of fishing from fully equipped bass boats, boarded from a moving houseboat, but now they return to the style and luxury of a floating hotel.


The Otter is designed for all types of river conditions, including the low water level times. Where water levels once plagued traveling fishing boats, it is no longer a threat to the Otter, which has gained a quick reputation of being able to fish on the world’s second longest river and her tributaries at any time of the year.

Since we were the pioneers of houseboat Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon our guides have years of experience. Most have been with us since the first trip. Guides like Amarol, Harold, Leno, Samuel, Adalberto, Joe and Aligator have become famous guides over the years.

For years anglers venturing to the Amazon have continually threatened the world Peacock bass record of 27.5 lbs. Most groups fishing the Amazon aboard the Otter will have opportunities to catch several fish over 20 lbs. and some that will even challenge that record.


This is made possible by utilizing the Otter’s flexibility in reaching the big fish producing areas of the different rivers. While some camps are land-locked and some boats lack both the capacity and design to reach these areas, not so with the Otter and her crew and guides.


Aboard the Otter, no longer do anglers fear a week of limited fish catching, as the Otter mobility has all but made this a distant memory.


Best Fly Fishing seasons:

The season aboard The Otter runs from September to October, and January to February. 


In 2005 the wonderful Otter, a luxury floating hotel was completed and put in service. The Otter, with four decks, is the largest houseboat in the Amazon. The Otter has 8 huge staterooms with the only side-by-side beds and large private bathrooms.

The Otter is propelled by two 120 hp 6-cylinder diesel engines, and has two 40 KWA power generators driven by two 72 hp 4 cylinder diesel engines, generating 110 volts for the outlets (220 V in special outlets).


The Otter is 88 feet long and 25 feet wide, has four decks, 8 double cabins (10×10 feet) with large twin beds that can be joined as a double bed. There are individual air conditioning units in each cabin, all with private bath, and hot water showers.


On the first deck we have the command, four passenger cabins, crew quarters, kitchen and service areas. On the second deck we have four passenger cabins, a 350 sq.ft. enclosed dining room, a small open veranda, and service areas. On the third deck we have two covered verandas, one in the front and one in the back, one sun deck area with an outdoor Jacuzzi, a bar, a toilet, and a nice 250 sq.ft. enclosed living room. The bar is stocked with beer, wine, rum and vodka. The fourth deck is a 360 degree panoramic sun deck.


The thing that is most important is the Otter’s ability to go into very shallow water. In the winter season one of the fancy yachts tried to follow the Otter up a remote shallow river. The yacht had to turn around as it bottomed out after about 8 miles. Our group went on up the river and caught over 800 Peacocks plus 150 other exotics.

The fancy yachts of Brazil were not built for fishing trips. When you put guides, clients, and all staff on a yacht it becomes very crowded. RSA runs a second, smaller houseboat along with the Otter that provides a home for our guides and carries all the extra fuel, batteries, and boat parts. This allows for greater comfort and safety for our clients. The Otter is never crowded and its experienced staff is fantastic.

Come live your dreams on the fantastic Otter.


On Site Amenities and Activities include:

Satellite internet and phone

Wi-Fi/internet access


Fly Shop

Swimming Pool


Pool Table

Gourmet Food

Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel
Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel
Getting There

The lodge is reached by flying to Manaus Brazil and transferring to a charter that will take you on about an hour’s flight to the lodge.  Transfers from the airport in Manaus to your hotel and back to the airport the next morning to catch your charter are included in your package.  An onsite lodge representative will meet you at the airport in Manaus to handle transfers.  You will want to book your flight from Miami to Manaus on a Friday and your return to Miami on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. 


Rates (Mid September-December 1st)

5 nights/4 days fishing:  $5,150. per person

6 nights/5 days fishing:  $5,950. per person

Included: All boat transfers / All necessary ground transfers in Brazil/ five (5) days fishing, fully guided / six (6) night, all inclusive: lodging, meals, and beverage (including wine, beer and spirits) / one (1) overnight in Manaus on arrival / Guided-operated 20 foot fully equipped shallow draft skiffs per two anglers / Fishing licenses

Not included: $590 Native Community Fee / International air fare / Domestic Airfare – Manaus-Tefe-Manaus (around US$150) / Brazilian visa / Tips and gratuities for camp staff and guides / Food and beverages in Manaus and private city tours / Airport departure tax / Satellite phone calls ($5/minute) / City tours in Manaus / Extra hotel overnights / Flies (we have an extensive selection of best flies at Camp - $10/each) / Daily laundry at fishing destination.


This Project was based as a long term social project which supports the preservation of the Indian Culture by improving their quality of life. The project has a significant user fee on all visiting anglers. The funds from the fee will primarily be used for social projects, infrastructure development, transportation, and medical and education projects.


The fee will be $590 per person for the trip. The tax will be payable in (Cash $USD or Brazilian Reals) to our representative at your arrival in Manaus and goes directly to the Indian Association account and anglers will receive a receipt from the association. This fee represents an important step in the continuing effort to protect our ability to continue to share this amazing and unique part of the world.

To book any of our trips give us a call to start the process
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