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AGUA BOA AMAZON LODGE - Kienes' Premier Destination
Destination Overview

Imagine watching the surface of the water explode as a behemoth iridescent Peacock Bass smashes your fly in the crystal clear water of the Agua Boa River in one of the Amazon’s last uninhabited rainforests and most desolate regions of the rainforest.  Now imagine reliving that experience over and over during your week stay at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. 


The lodge is located in a remote area about 200 miles north east of the Brazillian city of Manaus that sits in the jungle rainforest of northern Brazil.  Along its 150 mile length the river descends from the mountains and snakes through the grassland and jungle to eventually become part of the Amazon River drainage. The lodge provides fishermen with a level of comfort, friendly service and sense of privacy that will make anyone feel at home.  


At a Glance

Target Fish: Peacock Bass, Arowana, Pacu, and Pirarucu

Location: Northern Brazil

Seasons: October through March

Lodge Capacity: 14 guests

Nearest Airport: Manaus (international) which connects to a private airport near the lodge

Documents Needed: Visa.  An application for a visa can take as much as three months to process so it’s important to plan ahead.  Visas will not be issued to those who’s passports will expire within six months of the trip.

Electricity: 110 V.  Normal American 3 prong plugs are fine. 

Fishing Program

The Peacock Bass have become one of the most popular game fish in the world since they were discovered in the early 1990s.  They range in size up to 30 lbs with ten to twenty pounders being very common, and are so voracious that they have been witnessed corralling schools of small fish and forcing them on to shore.  The river is unusual as it is one of the few Amazon tributaries that has crystal clear water, making it one of the few locations where you can sight fish for Peacock Bass.   Following high water periods when the river floods into the surrounding flood-plane, temporary lakes are formed in depressions once the water recedes.  It’s in those small lakes that Peacock Bass are trapped and become very ravenous as they compete for the limited food that’s available.  That competitiveness, for food becomes competitiveness for whatever flies are presented to them, hence the fishing has earned its legendary reputation. f When they hit a fly the water literally explodes and they put up a fight that in our opinion equals or surpasses any other fish species pound for pound.  We at Wild On The Fly feel that it is “one of the most exciting, unique fishing location we have visited” and “one of the best fly fishing experiences there is”.f


 Because the lodge has initiated a policy of strictly catch and release and single barbless hooks on their private section, the fish stocks have stayed stable and has increased the population of top quality fish over the years.  Fishing for several other species is available during your stay at the lodge.  Among them are: Pacu that reach up to 10 lbs,  Pirarucu which are a giant freshwater tarpon that can get up to 200 lbs! and Arowana.  The lodge is the only river in the Amazon that requires single barbless hook fly fishing.  Spin Fishermen are welcome on the river but must use flies, under a float. 


The lodge’s guide staff will take you up and down the 77 miles of private water in 19 foot prams, powered by Yamaha Jet Drives.  Each boat is equipped with two casting platforms.  At lunch time your guide will pull over and if requested, will be happy to rig a soft relaxing hammock under the shade of a tree so you can siesta during the hottest time of the day.  You won’t be missing anything, as fish get spooky during that time and success rates fall off anyway.  After lunch you will usually fish until 5 or 6pm and then return to the lodge to relax, or have a swim and then enjoy drinks and dinner.   


Best Fly Fishing seasons:

Fishing is great throughout the relatively short season that runs between October and March

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

The level of comfort experienced by the guests at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is unrivaled among fishing lodges in the Amazon.  Each bungalow is air conditioned with two queen beds, a private bathroom and porch overlooking the river. The lodge also features a swimming pool and living room.  A private houseboat can be arranged too.   The lodge also includes a bar and satellite TV.  A full service fly shop is also on the premise. Non anglers have plenty to do as the area around the lodge offers unsurpassed bird watching and wildlife viewing. 


Besides the incredible fishing, the second best thing you will experience at the lodge is the food created by Francisco, the lodges chef who has been manning the kitchen for nine years.  He is adept at creating a combination of local cuisine and international dishes that you will rave about upon your return home. 


On Site Amenities and Activities include:

Satellite TV and VCR

Wi-Fi/internet access


Fly Shop

Swimming Pool


Pool Table

Gourmet Food

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Getting There

The lodge is reached by flying to Manaus Brazil and transferring to a charter that will take you on about an hour’s flight to the lodge.  Transfers from the airport in Manaus to your hotel and back to the airport the next morning to catch your charter are included in your package.  An onsite lodge representative will meet you at the airport in Manaus to handle transfers.  You will want to book your flight from Miami to Manaus on a Friday and your return to Miami on Saturday afternoon or Sunday.   

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Fall Rates (October-December)

7 nights/6 days fishing:  $5400. per person


Winter Rates (January-March)

7 nights/6 days fishing:  $6400. per person


Thanksgiving/Christmas Weeks (Nov. 19-26, Nov. 26-Dec 3, Dec. 17-24, Dec. 24-31)

7 nights/6 days fishing:  $4550. per person


Included: lodging based on double occupancy and 2 fishermen per boat/guide, beer, wine and in-country transfers. 


Not included: Airfare to Manaus, airport taxes, liquor, accommodations and meals in Manaus, and gratuities. 

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