Our Mission Statement
Kiene's Fly Shop Travel is a premiere fly fishing travel service. Our expertise and passion comes from traveling the planet in search of wild fish on the fly! Our expert staff originates from legendary fly shops, Kiene's Fly Shop
and American Fly Fishing Co.
We are built on the foundations of adventure and fly fishing. Whatever species you are looking for - we book the best fly fishing travel destinations in the world. Our combined staff has extensive worldwide travel experience and our collective knowledge allows us to put you in the best locations. Name a place to fly fish and it is likely we have been there!
Our Fly Shop owner, Gary Eblen has spent years angling for fish across the globe. With travel director like Mark Merrill, who has more trips to saltwater destinations than anyone we know... you will talk to a professional who has been there! All our travel advisors, like Al Bunch, Andy Guibord, Mike Powers and Paul Thick have invaluable passion and experience. Whether it be Golden Dorado in Argentina, Permit in Mexico, Tiger Fish in Africa, Salmon in Alaska or Brown Trout in Montana, you can go anywhere in the world!
It doesn’t cost you anymore to book with us
than directly with the destinations.
We are there to help. 

Meet Our Travel Experts

Steve Jensen - Managing Director
Growing up spin fishing the streams of Northern Utah Steve was always "Haunted by Waters".  While sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office when he was 14 he read an article in Field and Stream about fly fishing.  The article gave birth to a powerful passion that still exists today. 
In 2001 he entered the fly fishing industry when he and childhood friend Dan Shepherd purchased The Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop in Missoula, Montana.  Soon after that he had an opportunity to enter the lodging business and purchased Rainbow River Lodge in Iliamna, Alaska.  He has since created a sister lodge nearby, Iliamna River Lodge.  Both lodges are among the top operations in all of Alaska. 
In 2013 he purchased Bob Marriott's Fly Fishing Store in Fullerton, California and Kiene's Fly Shop in Sacramento, California and recently merged Kiene's with Gary Eblen's American Fly Fishing Co. to create Kiene's Fly Shop.
Steve's real passion still has been exploring the world with a fly rod in his hand.  The beautiful places and people you meet while doing this are so amazing and is something he wants to help as many people as possible enjoy. 
Gary Eblen - Kiene's Fly Shop Co-Owner
Gary began his fly fishing addiction in 1956 in South Eastern Minnesota.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1966 and promptly moved to California where he explored most of Northern California in search of trout, steelhead and anything else that swam.
In 1991 Gary started his career in the fly fishing industry. He has traveled to most parts of the globe fly fishing, and his special love is saltwater fly fishing. 
Gary is currently the managing member of Kiene’s Fly Shop. You can e-mail Gary at travel@kiene.com
Mark Merrill - Director of Travel Services
Mark Merrill is Kiene’s Fly Shop’s Director of Travel Services.  Mark has traveled the world in search of anything that swims.  Mark is a recognized expert in New Zealand, Bahamas, Alaska, Mexico and Montana.  Mark is easy to talk to and will help you select the perfect fly-fishing vacation for individuals, couples or groups.  Mark has over 35 years of travel services experience.  
You can reach Mark at  Kiene's Fly Shop Travel Services. 
mflyfish@aol.com or (916) 544-1991
Angela Ellis - Travel Agent
Kiene's Fly Shop Travel has worked hard to make your fly fishing adventure as pleasurable as possible.  Getting to and from your destination should not be left to an impersonal online travel website, but rather to a highly experienced travel agency who has been there, and knows all of the ins & outs of travel to the remote locations where many of our fly fishing destinations exist.  
To assure that you have a seamless no hassle travel experience, we have partnered with Angela Ellis of “At Your Service Travel & Cruises” who will make arrangements for every facet of your travel adventure.  Angela will be your personal travel concierge.
Licensed and bonded, Angela has almost 30 years of experience as a full service travel agent and is conveniently located in the Sacramento area.  She can book your air travel, boat cruise, rail travel, and hotel rooms, plus recommend restaurants and interesting sights along the way.  Should unforeseen events alter your travel plans while you are en route, she can provide personal help to keep you on track towards your destination. 
(916) 681-9608  or angel510150@aol.com